Gallery O on H Presents Elmer Calata Rustiko Aregua

By Editorial Team on March 26, 2018

Fri, 30 March 2018 - Fri, 20 April 2018

Photo courtesy of Gallery O on H.
Reception: Friday, April 6 from 7pm to 9pm

Rustiko Aregua is Elmer Calata’s artwork which emerged from clay, discarded and found objects in rural Paraguay. The idea behind his work is to create something simple, clean, and naturally pleasing using ordinary materials turning into extraordinary results. His inspiration is often rooted in nature, culture, and human encounters.

Born and raised in both urban and rural Philippines, Elmer’s influence comes from the loud vibrations of the city and the peaceful stillness of the provinces.

From his native land and similar environments, the “campo” and “pueblo” lifestyle of Latin America, to his adaptation to the western world and his travels to different parts of the globe, Elmer’s work expresses the intricate, the clean, and the solid colors and layered proportions of his visions from these varied experiences.

Gallery Hours:

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm to 5pm

Gallery O on H is located at 1354 H St. NE.