Gallery O on H Presents Michael Horsley House of Champions

By Editorial Team on September 19, 2018

Sat, 22 September 2018 - Fri, 11 January 2019

Michael Horsley, 11th St Facades, 1984. Courtesy of Gallery O on H.
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 22 from 7pm to 11pm

House of Champions is an exhibition in three dimensions capturing the essence of Horsley’s mission: to forge a fleeting, momentary look at a dynamic and very personal cityscape. In the late 1970s and throughout the 80s, Horsley wandered the District with his camera, documenting a city bustling and alive despite its plywood windows and lack of attention from the federal government. Hop on the White House Tour Bus and view a Washington never seen by tourists! Wander broken bottle alleyways, junk filled empty buildings, drink at late night diners or hang out at punk rock bars in the living and breathing city. Who knows, you might get lucky and pick up a Polaroid discarded by a tourist!

“The city I portray is the city I saw at a moment in its eventful history; it is the city that I made my own. I don’t view my photographs simply as historical documents or nostalgic time capsules. They are a collective memory of reality of a certain time. It is too easy to look at images and fixate on the past because things are different now, but when I took these images they were very much real, right in front of me and that reality continues to exist as it was… the environment that I captured is a personal city.” – Michael Horsley

Michael Horsley is a Washington, DC – based multimedia artist working primarily in photography. His work has been broadcast on BBC America, MSNBC, and WETA, and exhibited in the Library of Congress, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, and numerous other art spaces. His photography has been published in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, National Journal, the Washingtonian, the Washington Post, and reviewed in ARTnews, WETA’s Around Town, Washington Post, and the Washington City Paper.

Gallery Hours:

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm to 5pm

Gallery O on H is located at 1354 H St. NE.