Gallery OonH 2016 H St Festival Schedule

By Editorial Team on September 15, 2016

Sat, 17 September 2016 - Sat, 17 September 2016

Art Cars at the 2013 H Street Festival. Image by Phil Hutinet fro East City Art.
Art Cars at the 2013 H Street Festival. Image by Phil Hutinet for East City Art.

Gallery OonH will bring the following cultural events to the H St Festival; all events take place on the 1300 block of H Street NE:

The Gallery O team has arranged and confirmed the following for Saturday at the H Street Festival

14th St Stage:
Noon: John Lewis and the Electrocousics: smooth R&B and Jazz with sign language interpretation
1 PM: Nicole Saphos: Jazz Bass with trio;
2 PM: Glenmont Popes: Rock n’ Roll with H St’s own Rodney Henry (of Dangerously Delicious Pies)
3 PM: The Pocket: Reggae
4 PM: Deaf Dog & the Indictments: R&B and Blues with DC Superior Court Judges
5. PM: Lil Red and the Renegades: Zydeco
6 PM: the Vybe band: DC’s Go-Go band

Artist pavilion at the 2013 H Street Festival. Image by Phil Hutinet fro East City Art.
Artist pavilion at the 2013 H Street Festival. Image by Phil Hutinet for East City Art.

The Arts Pavillion
Julian Weaver: Handmade guitars / Multimedia with acrylic on canvas
Reggie Guilliamo: Acrylic on canvas / prints
Glenn Richardson: Sculpture / assemblage / woodcarving
Michael Horsley: Photography
Cherif Mamadou: Oil on canvas
Gallaudet University Art Department: student projects
Eastern H.S: student art projects and teachers
Dogma Daycare: dress your pet !

Art Cars
Street Sense Art Bus: newly remodeled and displayed
Quest Skinner: art van
Benjamin Gonzalez: Art Car featured in the Washington Post 9/6/16
two additional surprises if space permits, plus possible interactive “Paint it on H” art car crowd performance

Chess Academy
This year the academy is being attended by the members and chess masters who attend and operate the chess program at Saint Paul CC Church located on Tennessee Ave NE, around the corner from H St;

Exhibiting Artists

About Sam Miller
Sam Miller is a young artist who experiments with a variety of media, ideas, techniques and
even dimensions. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in 2006
and has been exhibiting and gaining honors ever since. He currently lives in Silver Spring,
MD, where he is still active making work. His paintings and drawings range between
abstraction and representation, with a focus on depicting his personal iconography and the
essence of what he sees. He also uses 3D printing to turn his 2D work into sculpture. To get a
full overview of his work, please visit

About Anej Nuhanovic
in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Anej Nuhanovic (a.k.a. “El Bosnio”) holds degrees from
George Mason University, the Corcoran College, and the Prague Academy of  Art &
Design. With extensive experience in a variety of  artistic media, as well as in the fields
of  art restoration, curating, illustration, and graphic design, his award-winning work
has been exhibited in a wide range of  American galleries and museum collections.
According to Nuhanovic, a significant body of  his work “involves a variety of  themes
around the abuse of  power in the modern age.” Additional themes and subject matter
include “spirituality, lack of  communication and many other plagues of  our modern

In the oil on board paintings being shown in the current exhibition, Nuhanovic utilizes
imagery from vintage American advertisements to explore what he calls their
“propaganda-like” messages about “values, consumerism, lifestyle, and happiness.” In
particular, he is seeking to show connections between both the style and content of
such advertisements and the imagery used in Nazi propaganda posters from World
War II.