Gallery OonH presents ‘Art Cars’ and ‘The Way We Move’

By Editorial Team on September 15, 2010

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Gallery OonH Presents “Art Cars” and “The Way We Move” Saturday September 18 for the H Street Festival
Dylan Koehler Baltimore Rock Opera Society (photo courtesy of Gallery OonH)

UPDATE: The Friday Gallery OonH event is a private party and was mistakenly sent out to the gallery’s press list.

Gallery OonH (1354 H ST NE) Schedule of Events for this Saturday is as follows:


Ray Nelson Guitar Bike (photo courtesy of Gallery OonH)

• Noon-7pm
6 blocks of urban fun, music and events on H Street Artists and ArtCars on exhibit in the 1300 block. Be sure to check out Gallery OonH’s other sponsored activities, the Speed Chess Challenge, the H-Street Story Oral History Tent and the co-sponsored events on the 12th Street stage
Dangerously Delicious Pies’ “Hands Behind Your Back Blueberry Pie-for-Speed” pie eating contest followed by Rodney’s band, the Cold, Cold Heartbreaker
The 2nd Annual Skin + Ink Tattoo Competition with H Street’s own Lee Wheeler and Paul Roe from British Ink
• 6pm TO Whenever
After the festival closes, the party at Gallery OonH doesn’t!

CM & Grace Kelly Laster Laster Blaster Innergalactic Shack-O-Llac (photo courtesy of Gallery OonH)