Gallery OonH presents: Cheesecake, a Tribute to Female Form

By Editorial Team on August 5, 2010

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Reception: Thursday August 5th, Friday August 6th and Saturday August 7th from 5:30pm to 9pm

Dolly Vehlow and Steve Hessler have been collecting folk art and self taught art since the early Nineteen Eighties. Their collection grew one artist at a time – relationships were forged and over the years their collection expanded to include well known, obscure and even anonymous artists. “But it has never been about the need to be acquisitive – it has always been about the art and the artists.  The works exist because of the individual artist’s  inspiration, a powerful expression of their personal vision” explains Dolly Vehlow.

Gallery OonH with the adjacent side yard dominated by a 17′ assemblage of a rocket by Jimmy Descant is a showcase for this artwork. Dolly Vehlow and Steve Hessler have hosted numerous private and public functions in this combined space where business owners, local residents and visitors come together to infuse the H street community with an energy beyond the bars and the night life. For the short term at least, they believe that they have a unique opportunity to create a space that becomes its own destination, not as a commercial enterprise but as a community building space.

“We want to use the gallery and this open space as a way to breathe some vitality into the street through a “pop-up” experience of live music, dance, and art. We want the space to be a spontaneous intersection of culture and fun, an accidental cultural experience that eventually becomes part of the serendipitous fabric of the street and invites you to pause for a minute or an hour” states Dolly Vehlow.

The latest project, Cheesecake, which opens tonight, is a reflection of that idea and is a show built from the Vehlow’s collection. This tribute to the female form was inspired by Pink Line’s designer showcase, Temporium. The show features a broad cross section of artists, styles and medium interpreting what it means to be a woman. It was designed to make one smile, make one curious about the art and the artists and above all to engage one’s imagination. The following Work is represented at the show: Bonnie Blue, Dr Bob, Mr Imagination, Inez Nathaniel Walker, James VanderZee, and Sterling Strauser.

Cheesecake It’s all about the ladies…A tribute to the female form is open from 5:30-9pm August 5 (tonight), 6 (Friday) & 7 (Saturday) a well as the weekend of August 12, 13 & 14.  Gallery OonH is located at 1354 H ST NE.