Georgetown 2019 Spring Art Walk

By Editorial Team on May 14, 2019

Sat, 18 May 2019 - Sat, 18 May 2019

Image courtesy Washington Printmakers Gallery




Saturday, May 18 from 4-7pm


Georgetown Galleries Exhibits during 2019 Spring Art Walk include the following galleries and studios:

Addison/Ripley Gallery
1670 Wisconsin Ave NW
Artist/s: Ted Russell
Bob Dylan: NYC 1961-1964 by Ted RussellDescription: This collection of photographs by Ted Russell is unique. They document Dylan’s first years as a musical artist in Greenwich Village in 1961 and then on up to 1964, at which point Dylan had already transformed popular music with songs like Blowin in the Wind,

Masters of War, and The Times They are A-Changin’.  Bob Dylan, a bohemian poet, would become the most original and influential songwriter of our time, culminating in his winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016.  We are enriched by this portrait of the artist as a young man. Ted Russell is a photojournalist whose work has been widely published internationally, including on the covers of Life, Newsweek, Time and New York magazines, to name a few. Ted Russell’s photographs of Bob Dylan are published in his book Bob Dylan NYC 1961-1964 (Rizzoli, 2014).

Klagsbrun Studios
1662 33rd St NW
Artist/s: Micheline Klagsbrun, Joe Hall, and the Tuesday Night Group
Exhibit: Selected New Work

Klagsbrun Studios is a working studio building where you can meet the artists and explore their process. We also have a gallery space showing
selections from Transit of Venus, Michaline Klagsbrun’s new multi-media drawings and paintings on celestial and mythological themes, Joseph Hall’s abstract paintings using surface and excavation to unearth obscured memory, and work by a collective of 15 artists working in different media inspired by life drawing sessions held weekly for the past 35 years. Weather permitting, a Light Art party on our Sculpture Patio.Wine, refreshments and music.


Susan Calloway Fine Art
1643 Wisconsin Ave NW
Artist/s: Karen Silve
Exhibit: Transitions
Featuring a selection of Karen Silve’s work produced over the last year, Transitions represents the dynamic shift in her style from more open compositions to dense and bold color blocking. Nonetheless, both are executed with the same impassioned brushwork that is a hallmark of her paintings. The selected pieces range from a more color-focused take on her “Beijing Trees” series to something akin to a portmanteau of Willem de Kooning and Joan Mitchell. We hope you will enjoy these spirited abstracts as much as we do.


Washington Printmakers Gallery
1641 Wisconsin Ave NW
Artist/s: Rosemary Cooley
Exhibit: Acqua-Shui Original prints and paintings celebrating water within the Italian and Chinese cultures.

As a process-driven artist, Rosemary Cooley’s work grows out of experimental use of varied brushes, plates, papers and inks. In this body of prints, she explores the beauty of water and the importance of preserving its purity. Hydrogen and oxygen’s delicate balance has crept into her psyche during time spent studying and living in Italy and in China: thus the name Acqua-Shui. Think Aqueduct, think Feng Shui (wind and water).

Artist’s Proof Art Gallery
1533 Wisconsin Ave NW
Artist/s: Pedro Correa, Shar Coulson, Hau Tran Luu, Nenad Zaric
Exhibit: Organic Expressions and Urban Impressions
Through photography and painting, Pedro Correa, Shar Coulson, Hau Tran Luu, and Nenad Zaric, examine the natural and urban landscapes highlighting their interactions, intricacies, and allure.


Galleria at Via Umbria
1525 Wisconsin Ave NW
Artists: Jon Bertelli & Stefano Lami
Photographer Jon Bertelli and painter Stefano Lami collaborate to offer an extraordinary, vibrant, and passionate vision of Florence, where they first met as schoolmates. Bertelli observes and captures the Tuscan landscape and Florence’s Piazzas through his heart and mind; Lami creates and reimagines these familiar yet unique scenes through his ethereal brushstrokes and dream-like colors. From two Florentine artists sharing their vision and creative encounter of Florence, viewers will discover something of their own of Florence, something new yet familiar, bold, and breath-taking.

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