Georgetown Galleries on Book Hill 2019 Fall Art Walk

By Editorial Team on September 4, 2019
Natasha Karpinskaia, Game Room II, monotype.
Event: Saturday, September 7 from 5pm to 8pm

The Georgetown Galleries on Book Hill will have their Fall Art Walk on Saturday, September 7 from 5-8. The focus this year is on abstract work, with solo shows by artists working in a variety of media. Seeing the exhibits at the same time will give visitors an opportunity to compare and contrast the work, making for a thoughtful and entertaining evening.

Carousel is Natasha Karpinskia’s fourth solo exhibition at Calloway Fine Art. The show features pieces from multiple series that interplay form and composition while maintaining a captivating color palette. The pieces are curated to have the viewer move between pieces as if rotating on an axis of a carousel while images of the surroundings flash and elements linger from one piece to the next. The collection illustrates Natasha’s mastery of monotype through color, composition, and technique.

Addison/Ripley Fine Art welcomes Nancy Sansom Reynolds back to the gallery with her new series, “unwinding” inspired by rolled and unrolled origami paper. Like that paper, each of these sculptures has a lightness, and almost fragile quality which defies the presumed characteristics of the shaped plywood in which the artist works. As before, Sansom Reynolds cites as inspiration the clarity and sharpening of senses that life in the desert has afforded her and her work.

Cutting Through, at Washington Printmakers Gallery, is Amy Guadagnoli’s first solo show in the DC area.  Her reduction woodcut prints feature rich, often jewel-toned palettes on thin mulberry paper, and feel woven, like heraldic tapestries save for their strange, almost comical forms. Guadagnoli thinks of her prints as “mental/visual puzzles that try to help the viewer cut through the fog and spark insight into how the mind creates the world around us.” Thus Cutting Through “refers not just to me physically cutting through the wood, but to the images cutting through our ordinary way of looking at the world.”

Welded Fractals at Artist’s Proof, features sculptures by DC artist Craig Schaffer. His work explores the shapes created by the branching of plants, the unfurling of clouds, and the formation of mountains from the forces within the earth. Instead of illustrating any specific phenomenon, Schaffer’s sculptures grow in the same reflexive manner as real complex systems.

At Klagsbrun Studios, the featured artists are Micheline Klagsbrun, Joseph Hall and the Tuesday Night Group. Klagsbrun’s varied works evoke flux and transformation, while Hall’s abstract paintings use surface and excavation to unearth obscured memory. The Tuesday Night Group comprises people from all walks of life who, for 35 years, have gathered every week for life drawing and painting sessions.

The Georgetown Galleries is a group of galleries clustered along Wisconsin Avenue in upper Georgetown. They are Addison/Ripley Fine Arts, Calloway Fine Art & Consulting, Washington Printmakers Gallery,  Klagsbrun Studios, Artist’s Proof, and Via Umbria Galleria.  For more information and links to individual gallery websites see