Georgetown Spring GLOW 2021 Light Art Exhibition

By Editorial Team on April 5, 2021

Fri, 09 April 2021 - Sun, 27 June 2021

Courtesy of Georgetown Business Improvement District.
Event: April 9 – June 27, 2021

Local and national artists will show five commissioned artworks during Spring GLOW in Georgetown, Friday, April 9 – Sunday, June 27, 2021. Presented by the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID), the free public art experience will be viewable by day, and brighter by night.

DC artists represented in Spring GLOW 2021 include: Stephanie MercedesChris Combs and David Greenfieldboyce; and Nara ParkEdwin Baruch (New York City) and Curated Creative (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) will also be featured.

Each artwork location will allow for social distancing, and masks will be required. In addition to the installations, Spring GLOW programming will include in-person and virtual options – from walking tours to artist talks. Programming dates will be announced in the coming weeks at and throughout the three-month exhibition.

“We’re thrilled to bring a new season of light to Georgetown with a safer and more comfortable GLOW experience this Spring – and one that shines a spotlight on several local artists,” said Nancy Miyahira, Vice President and Marketing Director for the Georgetown BID. “The last year has taught us to rediscover and appreciate the people, places and experiences in our own backyard. GLOW celebrates each of those.”

Following Spring GLOW, Summer GLOW will feature three artworks that will transform Georgetown’s public alleys, July 2 – September 26.

Visit for Spring GLOW announcements, updates, tour information, maps, and a getting here & parking page.

Visitors are encouraged to follow Georgetown on Facebook ( Instagram (@officialgeorgetowndc), and Twitter (@georgetowndc), and participate and share via the hashtag #GeorgetownGLOW.


The Weight of A Rainbow, Stephanie Mercedes, Washington, DC
Location: Georgetown Park Plaza (3276 M St NW)
Presented in partnership with Georgetown Park/Jamestown

The Weight of A Rainbow consists of suspended rainbow lights that illuminate the Georgetown Park Plaza alleyway. As one approaches the artwork, sound fills the space, drawing the viewer further into the installation. A collective a capella choir of eight LGBTQ+ voices tell their stories through accompanied song. The lights are programmed to mimic the movement of the voices, creating a complete and total experience for the viewer as they are engulfed in both the possibility and the weight of a rainbow.

Courtesy of Georgetown Business Improvement District.

Madness Method, Chris Combs and David Greenfieldboyce, Washington, DC
Location: Lock 4, (Near 1056 Thomas Jefferson St NW)

We live in magical times. Well, it might not always feel that way! But it can be a shock to realize that even 15 years ago, we didn’t have near-instant access to the world’s knowledge in our pockets and purses. Technology continues to quietly shape our world, and our adaptable minds have sought the patterns we need to thrive. In the installation Madness Method, the artists have built a special arrangement of 200 lanterns that look like an intriguing, flickering mess—until you step on just the right spot along the canal and see it all converge: a little bit of magic.

Courtesy of Georgetown Business Improvement District.

Light Pavilion, Edwin Baruch, New York City
Location: Georgetown Waterfront Park (Near Intersection of Wisconsin Ave & K Street NW)

Light Pavilion explores the relationship between the historic and the contemporary. The sculpture appears as a hologram of a former structure, provoking curiosity of the past through material and light. The ethereal columns and vaulted impression stimulates engagement and interaction, providing an experience of discovery and wonder. Located at the Georgetown Waterfront in a city occupied by historic structures, the Light Pavilion is a nod to the beautifully illuminated monuments and their history located throughout DC, as it is classical but also modern in form.

Courtesy of Georgetown Business Improvement District.

The Beginning of Everything, Nara Park, Washington, DC
Location: Washington Harbour (3000 K St NW)
Presented in partnership with The Washington Harbour/MRP Realty and the Korean Cultural Center

The Beginning of Everything is a site-specific installation inspired by the Holsinger Meteorite that fell from outer space – the biggest recovered fragment of an asteroid, Canyon Diablo, that created Meteor Crater in Arizona about 50,000 years ago. The replica sculpture is fabricated out of EPS foam and covered on the surface with reflective glass beads, which generate retro-reflection of light. A meteorite is a tangible connection between the cosmos and human society, a reminder that we are part of a much larger universe. It makes us contemplate our existence and our relationship to this world and by extension, the universe. By replicating the meteorite that fell from outer space to Arizona and displaying it in Georgetown at an enlarged scale, the artist hopes to create a piece that surpasses time, space and dimension, as visitors experience discovering a meteorite.

Courtesy of Georgetown Business Improvement District.

The Wishes Within, Curated Creative, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Location: Georgetown Lutheran Church (1556 Wisconsin Ave, NW)

The Wishes Within celebrates the uplifting energy of hope and the delights of dreams. As the world faces an uncertain future, it can be easy to fall into thoughts of fear, worry, and anxiety. Now it’s more important than ever to keep hope alive. One of the world’s most beautiful traditions addressing the negative aspects of life centers around sky lanterns. Rooted in Asian culture, the practice of lighting sky lanterns has been celebrated across the world as a practice to release worry and embrace hope. In this moment of pause created by the pandemic, we have faced fears – but also been offered time for introspection and reflection to discover what matters most. In this interactive installation, viewers are encouraged to hold a wish in their heart and step inside the marked circle to bring their wish to life. Wishes are the seeds that grow and make the world a better place. Experience this magic and release your wish to the world. Tag your posts with #thewisheswithin to share your wish with the artists!

Courtesy of Georgetown Business Improvement District.

Georgetown GLOW is funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, Public Art Building Communities Grant Program.

The Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) recognizes the following sponsors for their generous support of Spring GLOW 2021: Georgetown Park/Jamestown, The Korean Cultural Center, and The Washington Harbour/MRP Realty.

Deirdre Ehlen MacWilliams has curated GLOW for seven years. She is also a public art project manager for Arlington Public Art. Her independent work includes d What’s Going On: Voices of Shaw, DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities’ 5×5 program and Foggy Bottom Sculpture Biennial.

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