Girls Who Paint Gallery Presents The Artist Mother Show

By Editorial Team on May 23, 2022

Thu, 02 June 2022 - Sat, 09 July 2022

Art by Nicole Wandera.
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 2 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Girls Who Paint Gallery welcomes 16 incredible artist/mother’s to their first invitational group show. They aim to celebrate the collective magic that happens when these two unique identities merge into one.

As both artists and mothers here at Girls Who Paint, they understand firsthand both the struggles and the joys that arise from meeting the challenges that these unique parts of ourselves present.

This show is a visual celebration demonstrating that we can nurture both our children and our natural-born creative talents simultaneously.

Girls Who Paint Gallery is located at 10419 Fawcett Street, Kensinton, MD.