Glen Echo Park Partnership Galleries Presents Fleeting, Fled: Washington Sculptors Group Juried by Laura Roulet

By Editorial Team on March 29, 2021
Lisa Rosenstein, Welcome, 2019, Recycled Newspaper Bags
Currently on view.

Fleeting, Fled comes to fruition after a year of waiting. Last spring, at the beginning of the pandemic shutdown, and a year of anxiety, dread, and tremendous loss began, I wrote:

As with so much of our activity, this exhibition of the Washington Sculptors Group has been postponed. In a way, it is fitting that the theme “Fleeting, Fled” is open to multiple interpretations of the temporal. Time moves more slowly while under the stress and anxiety of quarantine. The future is uncertain, yet the seasons progress as always. While the cycle of life, death and rebirth is the underlying theme of many artworks included in the exhibition, the ephemeral springtime beauty of Glen Echo Park and the Washington region is very much in evidence. Our environment is both celebrated and investigated. Some artists examine the fleeting opportunity of remediating climate change, noting that the window of effective environmental response may have already fled. Next spring, Glen Echo’s indoor and outdoor settings will allow for a wide variety of media, including sound and temporary outdoor sculptures. Meanwhile, enjoy this selection online, and visit the park in March 2021 for the real thing.

– Laura Roulet, Exhibition Juror

Featured artists include:
Pat Alexander, Teri Bailey, Michaela Borghese, Carol Brown Goldberg, Jeffery Cooper, Katie Dell Kaufman, Annie Farrar, Mimi Frank, Adam Hager, Artemis Herber, Susan Hostetler, Emily Hoxworth Hager, Jackie Hoysted, Alyssa Imes, Alex Kasten, Wanjin Kim, P D Klein, Ruth Lozner, Gil Narro Garcia, Louisa Neill, Jonathan Ottke, Jane Pettit, Sharon Pierce McCullough, Iris Posner, Marc Robarge, Lisa Rosenstein, Kanika Sircar, Lynda Smith-Bugge, Paul Steinkoenig, Ira Tattelman, Amelia Voos, Steve Wanna, Janet Wittenberg

Glen Echo Park is located at 7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo, MD