Glenview Mansion Art Gallery Presents Ruth Lozner and Kenzie Raulin Book Series: Collaborative Painting

By Editorial Team on August 13, 2019

Sat, 03 August 2019 - Fri, 13 September 2019

Courtesy of Ruth Lozner.
Currently on view through September 13, 2019.

Creative magic happens when an artist becomes deeply involved in the various technical and conceptual aspects of the art form in which they are working. Often creative leaps and advancements can appear as flashes of insight or even “happy accidents”. When an artist is immersed in the process of creation alone, these flashes occur fairly often and are modulated introspectively. Add an equal creative partner to the mix and you’ve ignited a constant stream of these flashes of insight, visual and conceptual ideas and additional technical skills and styles. The process becomes as important and enjoyable as the end result.

So how do Ruth and Kenzie collaborate? They paint on one canvas at a time, taking turns, adding color, shape, etc… discussing ideas as the canvas blossoms. There is a faith inherent in this practice, faith that we will get to a place we both want to go.

Not only is it rare for two artists to combine their visions, it can be synergistic, conversational and great fun! To find a compatible partner, to form a seamless bridge between the usual solitary activity and the unusual collaborative activity of two artists working on the same piece at the same time—is very rare indeed. Ruth Lozner and Kenzie Raulin are extremely fortunate to have recently formed such a successful partnership and friendship.

Sculptures and “Color Stories” Collages
Ruth Lozner received a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University, and a MFA from American University. She has held faculty positions at the University of Maryland, College Park, Parsons School of Design, New York, and the University of the Arts, Philadelphia. She currently holds the titles of Professor Emerita from the University of Maryland and Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, Great Britain. While her career has included painting, editorial illustration, film and print art direction, for the last 15 years she has focused her passion, imagination and energies on assemblage sculpture and collage and most recently collaborative painting.

Kenzie Raulin received a BS from the University of Maryland in Advertising Design. She has worked for the past 38 years as a graphic designer and art director, the past 28 years on her own as Kenzie Raulin Design. In 2017, she completed a certificate program to facilitate contemplative prayer groups and is a seeker embracing all things Spiritual. In the last several years, she has rediscovered her passion for painting and finds joy in the unexpected while working collaboratively.

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