Goldman Art Gallery Presents A Sense of Renewal Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on July 12, 2017

Thu, 13 July 2017 - Sun, 13 August 2017

Work by Miguel Perez Lem. Courtesy of Goldman Art Gallery.
Reception: Thursday, July 13 from 5:30pm to 8pm


A Sense of Renewal bringing together the work of these five artists who share Nature and Civilization as their primary interest in their work. Connecting past, present and future, we will be able to examine what our legacy can be. Also, we can trace a parallelism between the destruction of nature and how it heals and go back to life, with mankind strength to rise from any disaster and persecution.

From Terry Svat’s work that is a reminiscent of Lascaux cave pictographs by creating the idea of packing up, moving on, a new freedom, Pauline Jakobserg and her constructing narratives that confront cultural memories, Felisa Federman depicts nature connected with folk legends, Miguel Perez Lem landscapes evoking the grandeur of the Andes Mountains and Nancy Nesvet beautifuly paints the threatened future of glaciers and wildlife.

Early artists made images to communicate with forces that had power over their lives. In connecting past, present and future, artists empower the rituals of life and question man’s power to destroy their world. The work of five artists share commonality in approaching the continuity of ritual.

Terry Svat by imaging pictographs reminiscent of Lascaux cave drawings, Pauline Jakobsberg by constructing narratives to confront cultural memory, Felisa Federman by depicting folk legend concerning natural and landscape, and the negation of people’s personalities by standardization, Miguel Perez-Lem who paints contemporary landscapes relating to agricultural memory in Latin America, Nancy Nesvet who paints seascapes of degrading glaciers and animals whose future is threatened.

In this way, these five artists bring cultural memory to contemporary thought and relate the disappearance of animals depicted in cave drawings to the possible extinction of present agricultural, botanical and animal life. In a sense of Renewal, the group shows that life renews after destruction as we as a society have risen from disaster. Representations include printmaking, mixed media and painting.

The Goldman Art Gallery is located at Bender JCC at 6125 Montrose Rd., Rockville, MD.