Greenbelt Community Art Gallery Presents Collide-o-Scope: Collages by Anna Fine Foer

By Editorial Team on April 9, 2018

Wed, 04 April 2018 - Sun, 03 June 2018

A Space Elevator for Tintin by Anna Fine Foer. Courtesy of the artist.
Closing Reception: Sunday, June 3 from 1pm to 3pm

While sketching ideas for a collage with references to atmospheric and space sciences, artist Anna Fine Foer heard the terrible news of bombings at a Brussels airport and metro station. The year was 2016, and the artwork quickly evolved to incorporate a response to the tragedy. A popular 20th century Belgian cartoon adventurer appeared in the work which came to be titled A Space Elevator for Tintin. Visually, the piece has a mechanical energy; forms suggesting turbines, hoses and circuitry seem to depict astronautical engineering as a lovably Goldbergian enterprise. Viewing the piece in light of its backstory, the work can be seen to speak earnestly to a longing for peace. It evokes a desire to preserve culture from wanton forces of destruction and a conviction that our collective story continue to be written.

Space Elevator and twelve other collages by Anna Fine Foer are featured in the new exhibition Collide-o-Scope at the Greenbelt Community Center Art Gallery. Bright notes of humor sparkle in Foer’s compositions, such as Globally Positioned Sheep, Cows Grazing along Magnetic Fields, and en Cherchant [looking for] Pokemon sur la Promenade des Anglais. Other works obliquely address social issues such as gentrification, energy security and Israeli national defense. Many pieces reflect on our relationship with contemporary technologies.

While the subject matter of Foer’s collages is far ranging, her work is aesthetically and technically unified. Foer combines images from multiple symbol systems in each piece. Some compositions appear at first glance to be symmetrical, but as with a human countenance, their subtle asymmetries emerge with closer study. Foer manipulates her source imagery digitally and painstakingly assembles each of her dense compositions by hand. The result is an engaging body of work offering kaleidoscopic reflections on the natural and constructed, physical and semiotic worlds that we inhabit simultaneously.

Foer is a dual citizen of the United States and Israel who resides in Annapolis. She has worked extensively as a textile conservator in addition to her fine art practice. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and is included in the permanent collections of the Haifa Museum of Art and the Beer-Sheva Biblical Museum. She was awarded a prize for the Encouragement of Young Artists for work exhibited in the Artist’s House in Jerusalem. – Nicole DeWald, Curator. March 2018.

The exhibition Collide-o-Scope: Collages by Ana Fine Foer is suitable for visitors of all ages. This show is presented by the Greenbelt Recreation Arts Program with support from the Maryland State Arts Council.

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