Greenspring Gardens Presents Mel Bikowski Art & Soul

By Editorial Team on August 31, 2018

Sun, 09 September 2018 - Sun, 28 October 2018

Mel Bikowski, Fairy Garden, 36×36” Acrylic on Canvas, 2018. Courtesy of the artist.
Opening Reception: Sunday, September 9 from 1pm to 3pm

Greenspring Gardens teams up with Mel Bikowski to feature her intuitive artworks in the art exhibition, Art & Soul that will be on display in their Horticulture Center. The series is a collection of intuitive artworks that breeds questions for our imaginations and intelligence. The works unveil the power of curiosity through colorful abstract landscapes that reflect Mel Bikowski’s personal journey wandering through nature, her journey as a mother, as well as astral hiking her consciousness through meditation.

The colorful abstract landscapes recreate and echo the cycles of nature’s patterns with a bright and cheerful tone. She believes that walking through a garden can bring us closer to our balance between harmony and chaos. She leaves little stickers and scratched messages inside her work that honors the truth about her relationship with her daughter as well as leaves open ended questions that can invoke seeking the child within each of ourselves. In her process, she spends a great deal of time hiking, meditating, journaling, and seeking ultimate truths that Mother Nature has left for each of us to find. The exhibit will immerse into the scenery of her imaginative ethereal landscapes that also hauntingly remind us of our forests, coastal lines, and deep oceans. Mel Bikowski believes that if we align our spirit with the cycles of nature, we align with our authentic selves and begin to remember a deeper sense of who we really are.

The Show will consist of 20-30 works of Mel Bikowski

About Mel Bikowski:

Mel Bikowski is a self-taught artist that uses her intuition to build new perspectives and worlds that present an emotional depth and wisdom that she is able to use as a conversation with the universe. The building blocks of her intuitive and artistic lifestyle often come from esoteric spiritual philosophies that she often processes through hikes, travelling, or meditation as she continues to integrate her soul with the natural world. She currently works out of her studio at Olly Olly in Old Town Fairfax, VA.

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Greenspring Gardens is located at 4603 Green Spring Rd., Alexandria, VA.