Honfleur Gallery | Amelie Haden Laying Bare

By East City Art Editorial Team on April 16, 2024

Thu, April 4 2024 — Thu, May 2 2024

Courtesy of Honfleur Gallery
Artist Talk: Thursday, May 2 at 7pm

“This project focuses on the stereotypes and expectations of the male and female genders, as well as the perception of different body types. It is not to condemn stereotypes but to acknowledge them and coexist with them out in the open. These stereotypes exist within ourselves and it is a call out and a space for recognition and perhaps acceptance.

The figures are constructed of locally sourced Virginia poplar, semi-precious gemstones, and an array of both procured and found objects.” – Amelie Haden

*This exhibit contains nudity.

1241 Marion Barry Ave SE