Halcyon Arts Lab Presents Ashley Freeby

By Editorial Team on March 24, 2020
Courtesy of Halcyon Arts Lab.
Exhibition currently on view.

Editor’s Note: Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, art spaces in the DMV are closed.  Please visit the space’s website for information on virtual tours or purchasing art online.

About Ashley M. Freeby
Artist Ashley M. Freeby, reflects on traditions of her family as methods for healing. Born to a Black American farmer and a Pennsylvania Dutch quilt maker, Freeby sets to master the crafts of her divided family through the use of personal narratives, constructed fabric works, and a series of schematic memory drawings. Gardening and quilting share similar skills and origins with similar understandings of geometry, color, and space which are required to execute both proficiently. For Freeby, these life skills passed down through family tradition solidify ideas of home and “provide two forms of comfort and peacefulness. Not just in making, but also after. Snuggled up with a nice warm quilt or sitting in a garden – they both bring me a sense of groundedness,” she says.

In the twenty-one artworks presented in Plots & Hems, Freeby demonstrates a desire to record childhood memories from the patterns and designs found in and around the homes of her father and mother, spaces separated by racial history and geography. By aligning these two places through these works, she fabricates a clear geometric language to honor these sites as embodiments of love, care, and contradiction.

Halcyon Arts Lab is located at 1801 35th St. NW.