Hamiltonian Artists and The Kreeger Museum Present Perplexity at The Kreeger Museum

By Editorial Team on September 19, 2022

Sat, 17 September 2022 - Sat, 10 December 2022

Michael Dax Iacovone, 2022, Golden Ratio, archival print, 30 x 54 in

Hamiltonian Artists and The Kreeger Museum are pleased to present Perplexity, an exhibition of the work of seven Hamiltonian Artists Alumni—Amy Boone-McCreesh, Brian Michael Dunn, Michael Dax Iacovone, Sarah Knobel, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, Helina Metaferia, and Jerry Truong—on view at The Kreeger Museum from September 17 through December 10, 2022. Working in a diverse range of mediums, such as paper, textile, mirror, metal, charcoal, waste, and performance, to mimic surfaces, spaces, and objects, the artists explore aesthetic possibilities, enhanced, and manipulated by human interaction – highlighting the malleability of certain materials and textures. The implications of our social environments are reflected on as the artists explore the depths of our sensory experiences.

Using photography and metaphoric imagery, Knobel and Lee reflect on how we consume, and produce waste, and directly impact our environment. Through her unruly collages layered with color, McCreesh asks the viewer to question ideas of economic status, access, ideas of beauty, and who dominates these societal tropes. The resilience of Black lives is presented as a complex collage of histories, in Metaferia’s video and mixed media assemblage. The work investigates ritual, repetition, and pattern, layering meaning from the past to inform future generations. Iacovone and Truong use malleable textures to translate images into landscapes that recall labor, migration, and home. Dunn teases the real and unreal, contrasting the imagery of daily life, with the subjectivity of experience, by sculpting layers of images and patterns.

The interlacing mediums and subjects in Perplexity deluge our senses, especially what and how we see; what is fiction, fact, something in-between?

About The Collaborative

The Collaborative is a guest artist exhibition program developed by The Kreeger Museum to support Washington area artists. The initiative started in June 2021 with a collaboration with The Nicholson Project. Inaugural exhibitions included installations by Stan Squirewell and Hoesy Corona.

About Hamiltonian Artists

Hamiltonian Artists’ mission is to build a dynamic community of innovative artists and effective visual art leaders by providing professional development opportunities to innovative new artists and by advancing their entrepreneurial success. Through its unique investment into the next generation of cutting-edge artists, Hamiltonian helps artists to develop important business skills, professional experiences, and visibility to support and sustain their art career. Through artist talks, public events, and its membership program, the organization contributes to the vitality of DC’s burgeoning arts scene by deepening the appreciation for contemporary art and culture throughout Washington, DC, and beyond.

About The Kreeger Museum

One of the greatest legacies of David and Carmen Kreeger is the Museum that bears their name. In 1959, The Kreegers began to amass a formidable collection of modern art. For the next fifteen years they assembled most of the Museum’s holdings. The collection reflects the spirit of David and Carmen Kreeger who agreed on every piece they purchased –their approach to collecting was a personal one –they bought what they loved.

The Kreeger’s focus on 19th and 20th century paintings is evidenced by works by Monet, Picasso, Braque, Stella, Mitchell, and Frankenthaler, among others. Also included in the permanent collection are works by prominent Washington artists, including William Christenberry, Gene Davis, Sam Gilliam, Simmie Knox, and Paul Reed. Outstanding examples of African and Asian art are integrated in gallery spaces on both levels. Designed in 1963 by Philip Johnson and Richard Foster, the building sits on five acres and is surrounded by gardens and terraces filled with sculpture.


  • Tuesday–Saturday, 10am–4 pm

The exhibition is on view at The Kreeger Museum, 2401 Foxhall Road NW. For more information visit kreegermuseum.org or hamiltonianartists.org.

Masks are required in all indoor spaces.