Hamiltonian Artists Presents Amber Eve Anderson This is Who I Am Now

By Editorial Team on November 9, 2020
Amber Eve Anderson A Demographic Case Study (35-44, Woman, Baltimore), Dimensions variable, Laser printed screenshots, wood, foam core. 2020. Courtesy of Hamiltonian Artists.

Hamiltonian Artists presents This is Who I Am Now, Amber Eve Anderson’s first solo exhibition with Hamiltonian Artists. It will be on view by appointment only from October 31 – November 28 at H Space, 1932 9th Street NW, #C102 (Enter from 9 1/2 Street), Washington, DC 20001. All public programs will take place online.

This is Who I Am Now is an archive of every advertisement that Anderson viewed on Instagram over a one-week period. Composed of 126 images that almost exclusively depict household goods, the archive presents a portrait of the artist through the lens of targeted advertising. The exhibition vacillates between physical and digital worlds, combining images and found objects through installation and video, functioning as a case study in the aspirational.

APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE: Click here to book a viewing time.