Heather Lynn Untamed & Donna K. McGee My Last Picture Show at Touchstone Gallery

By Editorial Team on November 1, 2021

Fri, 05 November 2021 - Sun, 28 November 2021

Heather Lynn, Death of my domestication, Crushed crystals, stone and recycled glass infused in acrylic paint with cotton cloth on stretched cotton canvas, 72” x 60”.
Opening Reception: Sunday, November 7 from 3pm to 5pm

Masks are required inside the gallery.

Untamed by Heather Lynn
The Touchstone Gallery in Washington, DC is excited to announce our re-opening with the in-person solo exhibition Untamed by Heather Lynn from November 4 to November 28, 2021. Save the date for the opening reception on
Sunday, November 7 from 3 to 5pm (in-person masks required).

The meaning of “Untamed” is to not be domesticated or otherwise controlled. The word domesticated originates from the word domus, or the Latin word for home. Lynn’s show Untamed is her strong reaction to the domestic captivity the world has experienced during the past 20 months of this global pandemic. The pressure of domestication – being trapped in one’s ‘dome’ with cooking, cleaning, organizing on a loop of repeat – can often be a Promethean trap.

Some have effortlessly risen to the task while others have been paralyzed – their bodies either consciously or unconsciously refusing to clean a closet or learn a new recipe. Lynn’s work in Untamed is a reaction against such domestication. Wildflowers, uncontrollable animals, uncultivated landscapes, rough natural crystals, stones and crushed glass convey her emotional state of wanting to escape, to be free, to run wild and untamed with the planet.

In the quiet of this captivity, it has caused Lynn to look within and examine her own roles in the domestic realm of family and home. Lynn’s show Untamed is in part about human metamorphosis. The process of dissolving the person you have been, imagining the person or life you want to become/have, reforming into implementation, and then flying. Lynn is a contemporary fine artist located in Washington DC. She specializes in large scale residential, commercial, and commission work. Lynn’s work is often dense with her self-created texture mediums and constructed with vibrant color, movement, and depth.

Lynn has experienced great success as a professional artist with representation all over the world. She is an award-winning, internationally exhibiting and selling artist whose work is featured in many commercial spaces (hotels, banks, law firms, restaurants) and in many private collections. Her practice is based in Washington, DC and has thrived during the Global Pandemic. Her most recent works have included sourcing healing crystals, sand, stone, and recycled glass. Lynn has created an innovative technique where she crushes, combines, and infuses materials into her paints. The effects are powerful, meaningful and mesmerizing.

Her recent exhibits have included Volta ArtBasel Switzerland 2021, Nyexpo 2021, carousel of Louvre in Paris 2019 and 2021, Miami Art Basel Events of Red Dot Miami and Spectrum Miami 2019 and 2021, Scope Miami 2021, Volta Miami 2021, the 1St Dibs Gallery in NYC, and the NYartGallery in NYC.

Donna K. McGee, Copper Edge, Acrylic and pumice on canvas 48” x 60”.

My Last Picture Show by Donna K. McGee
Working in acrylic and texture often on a large scale, McGee’s bold brushwork combines with dramatic forms and color. The impact on the viewer is sometimes breathtaking, sometimes sublime. McGee has caught the interest of collectors and her work can be found throughout the DC and mid-Atlantic area, and even as far away as London. They can be found in corporate conference rooms, lobbies, and countless private homes.

As an abstract painter, McGee is frequently asked, “What were you thinking?” “When I begin, I usually do not know what the finished piece will be. I explore texture and paint and add lots of layers to see how colors and shapes change each other, and how it evolves into a total image. As I paint, I become completely immersed in my work, sometimes concentrating on a particular color to achieve depth, and adding brush strokes that will invite the viewer to explore. Nature has a strong influence on my work and I see many organic shapes merge into each other on the canvas. I continue to add, and sometimes scrape off, layers of paint and texture until it becomes the total picture.”

Donna was diagnosed with ALS in June of 2021. The disease has since progressed with alarming rapidity. It has disabled her fine motor control ending her ability to create art work without the assistance of others. The title, My Last Picture Show, is a playful nod to the 1971 movie of the same name. It is a reflection on her brief relationship with the Touchstone Gallery. But while the film describes the decline of an art form and of a small Texas town, this Last Picture Show celebrates a life in art well lived.