Nepenthe Old Town | Judy Heiser and Jennifer Lian

By Editorial Team on March 4, 2024

Sat, March 2 2024 — Sun, April 14 2024

Alexandria artists Judy Heiser and Jennifer Lian. Nepenthe Gallery

This special exhibit which runs from March 2 – April 14 will feature new works by two of Alexandria’s finest and most dynamic artists— Judy Heiser and Jennifer Lian—at Nepenthe Old Town.

Nepenthe Old Town is Nepenthe Gallery’s Old Town Alexandria location on the second floor of Wine Gallery 108 at 108 N. St. Asaph St.

Nepenthe Old Town gallery hours are as follows:

  • Fridays 12-7
  • Saturdays 11-4
  • Sundays 2-4
  • or by appointment by calling or texting: 703-856-5277 / 703-864-2891