Hemphill Fine Arts Workingman Collective with Jon Jicha DUPLEX @ 1700 L Street

By Editorial Team on December 11, 2017
Photo courtesy of Hemphill Fine Arts.
Opening: Thursday, December 14 from 5pm to 7pm

DUPLEX examines the coexistence of two sets of visual information, straightforward storefront vernacular, and the figure ground relationship of the window space at 1700 L Street.

Selected photos from @workingmancollective Instagram account and graphic collages by Jon Jicha.

For more information, visit https://www.hemphillfinearts.com/artists/workingman-collective and https://jonjicha.com/.

700 L Street is a project space for temporary art installations located at the corner of 17th and L Streets in downtown Washington, DC. All installations are viewable from the street. Previous projects include Cushner @ 1700 L, Workingman Collective: Satellite, Julie Wolfe: Green Room, Cosmic Modules by PLAKOOKEE, TOKI, SYNTH SERIES 005: REVERB, TORKWASE DYSON, Illegal Abstraction: A Single Author and James Huckenpahler: DESKTOP.

Presented by HEMPHILL @1700L. This project is supported by The Lenkin Company.

Viewing Hours:

  • 24/7 through the windows

 is located at 1700 L St. NW.