Hill Center Galleries Presents Multi-Artist Show

By Editorial Team on October 1, 2014



Joellen Murphy.  Dance of Light  Image courtesy Hill Center.
Joellen Murphy. Dance of Light. Image courtesy Hill Center.



Opening Reception: Tuesday, October 7 from 6pm to 8pm


On view October 2, 2014 through January 4, 2015

Rising from the ashes of the Frager’s Hardware Store fire is a new exhibit of paintings by artist Greg Weismantel at Hill Center Galleries. Weismantel is joined in a multi-artist show by seven artists working with a wide variety of mediums, including Tim Eggers (wood) Tex Forrest (multimedia compositions in steel, wood and glass), Ric Garcia (painting and prints), Kristin Herzog (watercolor and acrylics), Sandi Martina (kiln-formed glass and mosaics), JoEllen Murphy (pastels), and Carol Phifer (paintings and pastels).

From Ash: Greg Weismantel

Weismantel, who was able to procure latex paints that were pulled from the aftermath of the fire, traveled to the canyons of southern Utah and turned them in to smoldering orange, lurid red and glowing yellow pieces. “Shortly after recovering the paint from the remnants of the charred store [Frager’s], I dreamt several times of Utah. Leave it to an artist to allow a dream to become a calling….I rented a studio near Bryce Canyon, purchased a station wagon, loaded the car with burnt, sooty cans and drove to Utah,” explains Weismantel. “Strange connections developed between the landscape and the medium that I pulled from the remnants of the fire…beauty from destruction.”

Cuban Pop on the Hill: Ric Garcia

Born in Miami, Florida, Garcia brings paintings and prints that illustrate a bi-cultural American experience. “The narrative in each work is a personal reflection by the artist on cultural assimilation, consumer culture and gender stereotypes. The paintings and prints are a bold and light hearted homage in paint and ink to the spirit and at times brassy energy of Stephen Sondheim’s musical score for ‘West Side Story,’” says Garcia.

Abstract Explorations: Kristin Herzog

With work that has been juried into over 70 regional, national and international exhibitions, Herzog has recently travelled the world as an Artist-in-Residence in France, Spain, Germany and Australia. According to Herzog, “My abstract works are the result of process painting. I often start with an idea or even a photo, but then I let my involvement with the paint take over and lead me in unexpected directions.”

Chasing the Light: JoEllen Murphy

This show is a combination of plein air and studio pastel landscapes of the Mid-Atlantic region that JoEllen calls home. “I love the challenge of painting on location – capturing the beauty of a scene in its natural setting,” notes Murphy.

Horizon Line: Carol Phifer

An award-winning artist, Phifer brings the divine to Hill Center Galleries. “Five years ago, a trip to the Netherlands sparked a new direction in my work. I was entranced with the flower fields full of color; the open, flat landscape, and the moody weather that blustered and brooded, then blazed with sunshine. Here the earth and sky meet very gently where the morning mist lifts off a canal. The horizon line is a significant element in my work as it is the place where infinite open space meets finite earth. It is a lovely metaphor for our human reaching for the divine, an underlying theme throughout my work.”

Multimedia Compositions in Steel, Wood, and Glass: Tim Eggers, Tex Forrest & Sandi Martina

Tim Eggers

Eggers believes that there is no such thing as a flaw in a piece of wood, only features that express the character in the wood. With influences ranging from Frank Lloyd Wright to Alexander Calder, his pieces, though most always functional, hope to engage the visual as well as tactile senses. Elements often complementing Tim’s wood works include metal, glass, stone, and large doses of whimsy.

Tex Forrest

Forrest is now a multimedia artist working primarily in metal combined with mixed media. Working alone or in collaboration with other artists, he now produces sculpture in a wide array of form and texture. “Working as a multimedia artist, I’m open to all possibilities and combinations to realize the images in my mind’s eye. Being able to draw and illustrate concepts is the first stage in bringing them to life. My favorite medium is metal. All types. And my job is to make it sing. Sometimes it sings alone or with other mediums like glass, wood or plastics. Whatever it takes to make the music.”

Sandi Martina

As a child, Martina’s family travelled the coasts of America, influencing her interests, art and life. “Working with glass is an adventure – an evolution of design through exploration and experimentation. New discoveries produce original art. In graphic arts for over 30 years, I’ve found new passion creating with glass. The intricacies of texture, depth, dimension and color make the journey rewarding.

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