Hill Center Gallery Presents The Hill Rag’s Art and the City: A Column by Jim Magner Group Exhibition

By Editorial Team on March 7, 2017

Wed, 08 March 2017 - Sun, 30 April 2017

Past to Future by Andrei Kushnir. Courtesy of Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital.
Past to Future by Andrei Kushnir. Courtesy of Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital.


Reception: Wednesday, March 8 from 6pm to 8pm


This show is sponsored by Hill Rag.
Executive Editor: Melissa Ashabranner
Managing Editor: Andrew Lightman
Art Director: Jason Yen

Welcome to the exhibition of the Hill Rag’s Art and the City “REvisit” artists.

“For the 14th year of Mr. Magner’s column, Art and the City, I elected to look back at some of the artists he had profiled in years past. I was looking for contrasts—for the creative journeys that bring new directions and new perceptions.

What I found was dedication – a fervid reaching for excellence and evolving insights that let them soar higher, while ever-testing and questioning the meaning of it all.

For all of these artists, the intervening years have been full of art – full of seeing, searching, and living visually. By being creative, they have given true value to time.

This is a terrific show in the variety of subjects and styles. The quality of work is exceptional and intellectually exciting, from:

The ever-exploring idea art of Alan Braley,
The mystical watercolor landscapes of Tom Bucci,
The abstracted visual rhythms of Tati Kaupp,
The internal questioning force of Matt Sesow,
The passage through time and dancing colors of Jan Kern,
The exquisite oil landscapes of Andrei Kushnir,
The powerful abstract images of Anne Marchand,
The wonderfully whimsical drawings and pastels of Ellen Cornett,
The roaring social statements of Dana Ellyn,
The portraits and passions of Patrick Campbell,
The vision and award-winning landscapes of Barbara Nuss,
To the reaching and lifting river photography of Bruce McNeil.”

– Jim Magner

About Jim Magner:
“I’ve been writing the Hill Rag column, Art and the City, since March 2002—14 years. I am an artist and writer. My book, A Haunting Beauty: Vietnam Through the Eyes of an Artist, has received awards and great reviews. I have had a presence on Capitol Hill for 40 years in one capacity or another and have a fair number of paintings in personal collections scattered about the area.

I have also been a legislative assistant to a US senator and a teacher of kids with emotional disabilities. The former prepared me for the latter.”

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