Hillyer Art Space Presents Solo Exhibitions by Adam Bradley, Michael Corigliano, and Chee-Keong Kung

By Editorial Team on December 2, 2015

Fri, 04 December 2015 - Wed, 23 December 2015

Image courtesy Chee-Keong Kung
Image courtesy Chee-Keong Kung


Reception: Friday, December 4 from 6pm to 9pm


Hillyer Art Space presents the opening of three solo exhibitions featuring new work by artists Adam Bradley, Michael Corigliano, and Chee-Keong Kung. Adam Bradley’s Desperate Ones will show a series small scale figures cast from aluminum and bronze, as well as life size figures made from wood. Michael Corigliano’s Stumbling Forward is a series of sculptures and photographs from his recent performances that examine the male experience and what challenges his identity and conflicts with his own needs and desires. Chee-Keong Kung will present Adjacent Amplitudes, a series of abstract works that capture the spontaneity and immediacy of the painting process. Guests can meet the artists at the reception on Friday, December 4th from 6-9pm, during Dupont Circle’s First Friday Gallery Walk, sponsored by Bier Baron Tavern.

Adam Bradley – Desperate Ones
Adam Bradley’s work consists of small scale figures cast from both aluminum and bronze. Bradley uses expressive gestures as metaphors for emotional or psychological state of mind. The figures deal with themes of vulnerability, anxiety, desperation. These characters struggle to maintain their sense of self. They have the features of birds and fish to symbolize that they have moved away from what is rational and now are driven by instinct.

Bradley is a Washington DC based figurative sculptor. Narrative is important in his work. He tends to work with themes such as fear and anxiety, need and desire, isolation and vulnerability.  His larger work is generally loosely constructed from steel, wood and found materials.  His smaller work is cast in bronze and aluminum.   Bradley received his Masters in Fine Art from Maryland Institute College of Art, the Rinehart School of Sculpture in 2000.  Since the completion of his degree he has been teaching Foundations, Drawing and Sculpture at George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College, and the Catholic University of America.  He currently has a studio space at the Off the Beaten Track warehouse.

Michael Corigliano – Stumbling Forward
Michael Coringliano’s work is a playful, yet introspective study of the embarrassing internal struggle of alter egos that befuddle a single father consumed by anxieties of middle age. This visual story is framed by the personal characters of a man propelled into an experience that challenges his identity and conflicts with his own needs and desires. As he begins to rediscover and reinvent himself, all of his internal egos surface and come out to play, in the most awkward way possible, in public. Stumbling Forward will feature photographs and sculptures from Michael’s recent performances he has been presenting throughout the city.

Based in Northern Virginia, Michael Corigliano is an artist and educator with a Master of Ceramics and Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University.  He is currently a studio artist at Red Dirt Studio in Mt. Rainer, MD., who teaches at District Clay, the Workhouse Art Center, and Public High School.  His work fluctuates between functional pottery, installation based sculpture, and street level art interventions.  He focuses on how individuals interact within a defined by space, within the frame work of a subject matter that concentrates on socio-political and environmental issues

Chee-Keong Kung – Adjacent Amplitudes
Chee-Keong Kung begins each piece with the intention to capture the spontaneity and immediacy of the painting process. Washes, brush strokes, or lines are laid down as stimuli for subsequent moves. Kung responds to surface qualities, material characteristics, and the activity of mark-making in developing the work. Accidental drips, smears and fingerprints become impetuses for further moves and are integral components of the evolving composition.

Kung’s work is derived from a process that is based on responses to the materiality of materials and observations from the natural and built environment. Hard-lined geometry and improvisational gestures are applied over earlier layers, modifying and obscuring the underlying images. Recurring motifs–distilled from ambient visual stimuli–surface and recede, seeming to drift between concreteness and tenuousness.

Kung recently won a Juror’s Award at the biennial Strictly Painting Exhibit (2015) at the McLean’s Project for the Arts and was a Semi-finalist for the DC Art Bank Collection (2015). His work was selected for the Emergence 2014: International Artist To Watch at Galerie Myrtis in Baltimore. His works are in corporate and private collections, as well as the National Museum of Singapore. Born in Singapore in 1967, Kung studied art and architecture at the University of Houston and real estate at Cornell University. He lives and works in McLean, VA.

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