Hole in the Sky DC Presents Charlie Visconage FUNLAND

By Editorial Team on May 13, 2019
FUNLAND: A New Immersive Show by Charlie Visconage. Production Assistance from Sean Paul Ellis and Melanie Harker. Logo Design by Kelly Chilton.
Event: Saturday, May 18 from 7pm to 11pm

FUNLAND is one night only on Saturday, May 18. $10 at the door.

FUNLAND is the culmination of Charlie Visconage’s 3-month residency at Hole in the Sky DC as part of the Derek Lieu Residency. Rather than just a show with paintings on a wall, FUNLAND is an interactive show where guests can get their fortune told, get paid in exposure, and destroy their own inner demons with a BB gun.

FUNLAND is an upcoming interactive installation show that runs for one night only on Saturday, May 18, from 7-11 PM  at Hole in the Sky DC by self-taught artist Charlie Visconage. It is the culmination of Charlie’s time as the Spring 2019 recipient of the Derek Lieu Residency Program at the Hole in the Sky Collective. He will also be giving an artist talk on May 19 from 4 to 5 pm.

FUNLAND is Charlie’s satire of an increasingly opaque and elitist art world, and each attraction within FUNLAND is meant to explore that point of view through beach boardwalk themed attractions. Attendees to FUNLAND will have the opportunity to shoot a BB gun at a drawing of their inner demons, shred rejection letters, get their fortunes told, have a drink with a dead artist, get paid in exposure, and much more.

Charlie also created an original radio show that will play during the show. If attendees listen carefully, they can even win prizes if they follow certain actions. In addition to FUNLAND’s attractions, recent works by Charlie will also be on sale.

Charlie Visconage is a self-taught artist who lives in Washington, DC. He gets up at 5 AM daily to create brightly colored, goofy, dark, and fun portraits of people and animals on canvas, wood, and insulation foam. In his world, guns are golden, animals have attitude problems, and his subjects might have substance problems they wouldn’t want mom to find out about.

Prior to becoming an artist, Charlie created The Charlie Visconage Show, a live comedy show that brought original sketches and interviews to stages all over the DC area once a month from 2011-2013. FUNLAND is Charlie’s combination of his artistic experience and performance experience.

FUNLAND is made possible by Hole in the Sky, Sean Paul Ellis, Melanie Harker, a grant from the Awesome Foundation, and Charlie’s 2018 tax return.

Hole in the Sky DC is located at 2110 5th Street NE #2. (Enter thru the alley between V st. & W st.) For more information about FUNLAND, please contact Charlie at cavisconage@gmail.com and check out the event on Facebook for the latest information.