Homme DC Presents Esteban Whiteside Amerikkka First

By Editorial Team on February 4, 2020
Work by Esteban Whiteside. Courtesy of Homme DC.
Reception: Friday, February 7 from 7pm to 10pm

$10 Donation at the door

The art in this show tells a story of a corrupt government, white fragility, police brutality, and remembrance of a saga of 400 years of oppression thriving at the continual expense of black bodies. The show is called Amerikkka First because instead of trying to be the world police American should deal with its own very deep issues first.

Homme DC exists to provide a platform for local emerging artists of all disciplines by offering expertly curated, authentic exhibitions intended to create community and provide a distinct DC art experience.

Homme DC (Ground Floor) is located at 52 O Street NW.