Homme DC Presents Marta Lola Staudinger Currency? Material, Radiator: A Retrospective

By Editorial Team on March 1, 2021

Fri, 05 March 2021 - Sat, 27 March 2021

Courtesy of Homme DC.
On View: March 5 – March 27, 2021

Homme DC is proud to present an exhibition by Marta Lola Staudinger Currency? Material, Radiator: A Retrospective, which cross-examines the definition and origin of the words currency, material and radiator through multiple media (film, audio, installation, sculpture and photography) to emphasize the intangibles in the artist practice. What is the main currency of an artist or curator? How is material defined, transferred, conserved and translated? Can examining a radiator set the tone for better understanding the propagative nature of artistic projects? How often is the word radiate, and its many definitions, overlooked in the investigation and explanation of “the artist’s practice”?

Schedule of Online Exhibition Programming:

  • *Friday, March 5 @7-9pm :: Opening + Performance on Zoom
  • Thursday, March 11 @730pm :: Artist Exhibition Tour on IG Live
  • Thursday, March 18 @730pm :: Drapery throughout the History of Art & Fashion on Zoom
  • Thursday, March 25 @730pm :: DIY Wine Tasting + Artist Talk on IG Live
  • *Sunday, March 28 @3:30pm :: Exhibition Closing Curator’s Talk about the Future of Curating in Washington DC on Zoom

About the Artist:
Marta Staudinger is a Washington DC artist, curator and arts organizer whose work focuses on generating essence and advocating for the labor artists contribute to society. As an arts organizer, Marta is the director of Latela Curatorial and the executive director of the GLB Memorial Fund for the Arts where she creates and nourishes matriarchal systems for artists to deepen in creating work aligned with their purpose.

As an artist, Marta surrenders to themes such as becoming, breath, instinct, intuition and radiance with an interest to stimulate narratives of power and vulnerability. Her process focuses on conceptual archeology, archiving & archetyping via the mediums of painting, sculpture, photo, video and performance. Marta seeks to achieve balance and harmony between the visual and conceptual elements of her work but also in contrasting materials used or historiographic art references.

Marta’s work has been exhibited in various art galleries in the Washington DC area, featured in the Washington Post, Washingtonian, DC Modern Luxury, and Home&Design. Marta’s work has been collected by many developers in Washington DC, including Ditto Residential and WC Smith.

About Homme DC:
Homme DC provides a platform for artists to exhibit and sell their art in an inmate gallery experience. The underground and non-traditional curatorial approach of Homme DC allows curator and director Amir Browder to find the true talents and artistic pulses of Washington DC contemporary culture. Amir provides a platform for emerging artists of all disciplines with a focus of quality over quantity in the DC arts and creative scene.

Amir started Homme DC at Anacostia Art Center in 2014. The space started to hold listening parties and curated events. It was transforming from a shop into an active, gathering place. Amir eventually migrated to a new location at 52 O St NW surrounded by more artists at a more centralized location. Homme DC was most recently included as Halcyon’s first custom incubator program for local entrepreneurs.

About the Connection/Partnership:
Marta Staudinger and Amir Browder met in early 2015 and planned their first exhibition together that debuted September 2015. This was Latela Curatorial’s first exhibition before identifying their now curatorial office and exhibition space in Brookland. Homme DC was still located in the Anacostia Arts Center. Their first exhibition was a the solo exhibition by artist John Brendan Guinan. Their second exhibition together, immediately after the first, was the first solo exhibition by artist Rikasso. Since, both artists have continued to exhibit and root their careers inside as well as outside the Washington DC Metro Area.

The platforms created by Marta and Amir, Latela Cuatorial and Homme DC, are two of the very few fluid art related conduits in Washington DC that continue to incubate the arts scene. Additionally, they are two nontraditional but gallery-esque art space models that have not relied on venue rental, charging artists to exhibit or grants to stay open and provide opportunities to artists. Both businesses are currently in their sixth year. This exhibition is the first of many collaborations to come between Marta and Amir after so much time solidifying their curatorial visions separately.

Currency? Material, Radiator: A Retrospective solo exhibition by Marta Lola Staudinger on display at Homme DC. March 5-27, 2021.

Located at 52 O St NW, Washington, DC 20001. Open by appointment, 1:30-6:30pm Monday-Saturday, and occasional Sundays. To schedule a viewing appointment: please email amirbrowder@ymail.com or direct message via Instagram: @homme_dc.