Homme Gallery Presents Eric Hagan Mirrors

By Editorial Team on January 10, 2022

Fri, 07 January 2022 - Sun, 30 January 2022

Courtesy of Homme Gallery.
Currently on view.

Eric Hagan’s art experiments with familiar patterns easily discernible as human in an unfamiliar way. Comprised of faces, along with the emotion they communicate to us, that are distorted and interwoven into amalgamous forms, cascading outwardly from the center. His mosaics play with shifting perspectives altered with almost every distance and angle from which they are viewed.There are several motivations for the development of this style, which have driven him to cultivate it over the past 15 years. Like his shimmering mosaics of incongruous parts, people are also full of contradiction and beauty. To focus on one small aspect of them is to allow the entire picture of their character to disappear. Only when we step back does the full scene come to view, allowing our eyes to adjust.

Eric Hagan grew up in rural upstate New York. He attended SUNY Potsdam and received a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. After college he spent the next four years as a volunteer, first with Americorp NCCC, then in the Peace Corps, where he lived for three years in rural Zambia. After the Peace Corp, he resettled in DC, finding work as a landscaper. He eventually made enough selling artwork to go full time as an artist and took the leap as a freelancer. For the past 9 months he has lived entirely off of his artwork and now works with four galleries around the city.

Hagan became fixated with the concept of creating a style that acts as a psychological mirror to the audience—drawing with the intention of distorting the eye’s focus, creating art that is seen differently by anyone who looks at it. The patterns that come forward from the cacophony of faces, as well as the emotion they carry, are only completed by the projections of the onlooker.

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