Homme Gallery Presents Estéban Whiteside Because of the Times

By Editorial Team on January 31, 2022

Fri, 04 February 2022 - Mon, 28 February 2022

Land of Free Labor by Estéban Whiteside.
Opening: Friday, February 4 at 7pm

You be the judge when critics say the Capitol resident renders a universe looking like “Black South Park.”

Because of the Times, the title of Estéban Whiteside’s solo exhibition at Homme’s Foggy Bottom annex is self-evident. That is seven-going-eight years since Michael Brown was slain and stranded, almost two quarantined-rotations around the sun without George Floyd and Breonna Taylor while temperatures continue to rise, and how many civilian massacres must we recount for history books? Not much has changed since the conception of the painter’s vernacular suite of work.

An artist is liberated to do what they must. “I have to do work that is going to make me feel better about living in this shitty place, America,” says Whiteside, self-taught. “My art deals with politics and police brutality. That’s what bothers me the most, so that’s what I’m making.”

Opening February 4 at 7pm, Because of the Times typifies contemporary folk art, a review of ‘tall tales’ from the superstructure.

Contact Homme Gallery or visit by appointment, 2000 L St, NW.