Honfleur Gallery and Vivid Solutions "Stories"

By Editorial Team on January 25, 2010
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Stories, an exhibit of photographic stories created by three artists to help raise awareness and funds for relief efforts in African nations, will run from January 22, 2010 through February 26, 2010. Stories features documentary photography created by Antoine Sanfuentes in a 2008 visit to East Goma with NBC’s Ann Curry covering topics such as children soldiers of Africa, education and rape. Works by Ann Curry will be presented from the same trip, alongside Deborah Terry’s images of Sudanese and Ugandan refugees and conflict victims as well as multimedia presentations of the grassroots work done by International Lifeline Fund. While exhibits at Honfleur are free and open to the public, all proceeds collected from this exhibition  will go to support International Lifeline Fund.
Concurrently, Terry will be exhibiting at The Gallery at Vivid Solutions, also in Historic Anacostia, with a solo exhibition entitled Migrations, illuminating the lives of two disparate groups at odds in the Darfur conflict; the nomadic families of herders/warriors known as Janjaweed, and the refugees displaced by them.

Honfleur Gallery
1227 Good Hope Road SE
Washington DC 20020

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions
2208 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE
Washington DC 20020