Honfleur Gallery Presents Dwyane Eugene Martin Rise

By Editorial Team on December 1, 2020

Fri, 20 November 2020 - Sat, 09 January 2021

Black Man by Dwyane Eugene Martin, 2020. Oil on Canvas. Photo by Dwyane Eugene Martin.
On View: November 20 – January 9, 2021

Dwyane Eugene Martin is a DC native whose art focuses on the connection between feeling and color, highlighting the emotions they invoke. Rise, the title of his new show, is a word he uses to describe his journey as an artist thus far. Breaking through the constraints of self doubt, hopelessness, and fear, he continues his rise.

Martin works with paint, oil, enamel, spray paint, and acrylics to tell stories on canvas. He often switches traditional paint brushes out for knives, playing cards, and hair brushes to further express the utility of perseverance. His work is a vivid interpretation of his journey–bold lines and bright colors aiding him in his execution.

“As a painter, I find that I can communicate without talking, but through feeling and emotion. As a self taught artist, my work can be categorized in different forms, but is frequently classified as abstract.”

Rise opens at the Honfleur Gallery on November 20th and runs through January 9, 2021.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday by appointment. Contact Jess Randolph to schedule appointments via email (jess@thedchive.com).