Honfleur Gallery Presents Washington Sculptors Group Sculpture Now 2013 Curated by Florcy Morisset

By Editorial Team on February 25, 2013
Jan Acton "Focal Two."  Image Courtesy Honfleur Gallery.
Jan Acton “Focal Two.” Image Courtesy Honfleur Gallery.


Opening Reception: Friday March 1 from 6pm to 9pm
Curator talk: Thursday, March 21 from 6:30pm to 8pm

On view through April 12, 2013.

Sculpture Now 2013 is a broad exhibit that explores various contemporary ideas ranging from tribal symbols to futuristic concepts. Selected by Philadelphia-based curator Florcy Morisset, the 30 exhibiting sculptures are created out of classic mediums such as wood, metals, glass, stone, corrugated cardboard to rare found objects and textiles. While the creative process is unconscious for several of the artists, there is detailed attention to placement within the physical structure and a time period.

The exhibition is comprised of works by the following artists:

  • Jan Acton
  • Chris Bathgate
  • Tom Bendtsen
  • Anne Bouie
  • Eric Celarier
  • Frederic Crist
  • Joel D’Orazio
  • Alonzo Davis
  • Joshua DeMonte
  • Ellisa Farrow-Savos
  • Todd Fry
  • Janet Goldner
  • Len Harris
  • Artemis Herber
  • Liz Lescault
  • Ruth Lozner
  • Beau McCall
  • Darcy Meeker
  • Joe Mooney
  • Lincoln Mudd
  • Craig Schaffer
  • Madeline Smith
  • Marcos Smyth
  • Paul Steinkoenig
  • Dave Wertz
  • Peter Wood
  • Joyce Zipperer

As a collective, Sculpture Now 2013 is transformative and speaks to the importance of understanding and incorporating historical and idealistic concepts.

Curator Morisset is a business owner, cultural arts connoisseur, and community servant. She is the owner of Vivant Art Collection, a cultural arts gallery in Philadelphia that spotlights indigenous art from around the world. The Washington Sculptors Group is a non-profit corporation founded in 1984. Its mission is to promote an awareness and an understanding of sculpture and to foster the exchange of ideas among sculptors, collectors, and the general public.

Honfleur Gallery is located at 1241 Good Hope Road SE. For more information visit the gallery online at www.honfleurgallery.com