IDB Staff Association Art Gallery Presents Candelaria Palacios and Lellys Nobrega

By Editorial Team on June 17, 2019

Tue, 18 June 2019 - Fri, 12 July 2019

Candelaria Palacios, Churrinche, 2015, Ink on Paper, 20” x 14”. Courtesy of IDB Staff Association Art Gallery.
Opening: Tuesday, June 18 from 6pm to 8pm

Argentine Candelaria Palacios and Brazilian Lellys Nobrega team up for a two-woman exhibition at the IDB Staff Association Art Gallery. The exhibition features Palacios’ ink on paper paintings of a fantastic, mobile, and extravagant nature and Nobrega’s geometrical, bulky, and equilibrated metal sculptures taken from a deconstructed office clip.

Candelaria Palacios’ paintings take evolution as a starting point to discover fantastic variants and reflect upon the actions of a nature that is dynamic, that is always recalculating and calibrating itself. As a stroller between the countryside and the city, she seeks to generate an interweaving between the two worlds. And it is from this need to generate that bond that she creates this fantastic nature that comes and goes with her, that never leaves her because she is the one creating it.

Born in Buenos Aires, Palacios studied in the Manuel Belgrano National Academy of Fine Arts. She exhibits nationally and internationally, has received awards and distinctions, and her work is part of the Franklin Rawson Museum of Fine Arts Franklin, Borges Cultural Center, and Raúl Lozza Museum of Contemporary Art, among others.

Lellys Nobrega’s geometrical forms come from her childhood experience of playing, pulling and stretching the modified parts of an office clip until she deconstructed it and managed to balance it. Today, all her paper studies are executed in metal and increasingly bulky. Likewise, the clip -always in metal- became gigantic with works in public spaces measuring 4.5 meters.

Nobrega lives between the cities of Recife and João Pessoa, in northeastern Brazil. She graduated in Industrial Pharmacy with a Postgraduate Degree in Food Technology and Labor Law.

The IDB Staff Association Art Gallery, located in downtown DC, was established in 1964 to disseminate the various expressions of contemporary art primarily from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Now in its fifty-four year, the Gallery is the oldest in the area to have exhibited the work of more than 500 emerging and renowned artists mainly from LAC. Visit:

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