Love for Immigrants | Awakening: Transforming Experiences

By East City Art Editorial Team on July 31, 2023

Sat, August 5 2023 — Sat, September 30 2023

Artwork credit: Film Photography by Waleska Solórzano, titled Ab Initio, 2019.

Love for Immigrants is pleased to announce the online version of the art exhibition titled: Awakening: Transforming Experiences

Opening Date: Saturday, August 5th, 2023
Closing Date: TBD

Location: and Occupy White Walls; gallery named L4I & Homme
Gallery – Awakening Extension.

They invite you to explore how their artists transformed their hearts, minds and situations so that you too can have a transforming experience. “…art is a powerful and evocative medium that illustrates our awakening and [the] transformation of our unique perspective of the world and ourselves.” Wendy Buendia

Artists for the in-person exhibit include Rahsa Dezmen AKA Yonic, Art by Jaswant, Waleska del Sol, Jessy DeSantis, Yeliz Gedik, Wole Ajagbe, Xenia Gray.

Curated by Salomé Cosmique.

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