Industry Gallery Opens Flexible Love Showcasing Accordion-like Seating Created by Pinzaan Company

By Editorial Team on May 9, 2011
Industry Gallery Washington DC Gallery Openings Flexible Love Chair on East City Art
FlexibleLove © Pinzaan Company Limited, courtesy Industry Gallery

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Opening Reception: Saturday May 14 from 6pm to 8pm

Industry Gallery presents FlexibleLove, opening Saturday, May 14, 2011, 6-8PM and running through July 2, 2011.  The exhibition features FlexibleLove™ furniture, a collection of seating incorporating an accordion-like, honeycomb structure, made mostly from widely-available recycled paper and wood waste, that allows the works to be easily manipulated into different shapes.  With a simple pull at either end, this durable seating can be extended to accommodate up to 20 people, manipulated in “ess” shapes, circles and irregular forms, and contracted into a single chair for easy storage.  FlexibleLove™, manufactured by Pinzaan Company Limited in Taiwan, was first developed in 2005 by Taiwanese designer furniture Chishen Shiu while a student at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.  It is now available in the United States exclusively through Industry Gallery.

The name FlexibleLove™ is derived from the concept of a “flexible love seat” and the work is made entirely of readily accessible and eco-friendly materials such as post-consumer recycled paper, post-industrial wood waste and environmentally derived glues.   The accordion-like honeycomb structure allows each unit to be easily expanded and contracted into different configurations.  The use of honeycomb structure paper in furniture is relatively new, but has been used in building, packaging, scientific and other applications for more than a century.  Industry will exhibit five different works from the collection, in white and neutral tones.  FlexibleLove™ has proven very durable in home, work and institutional settings.  For example, FlexibleLove™ seating has been in constant use for three straight years at the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Art, which receives more than 200,000 visitors annually.   The work is designed to accommodate people weighing up to 120 kilos, or 264 pounds, so the largest unit can accommodate 20 people each weighing 120 kilos, and to withstand an average of 200,000 impressions.

“FlexibleLove weds the recycling of mundane materials with intelligent engineering and a brilliant idea to yield a WOW piece of fun design,” said Industry Gallery owner Craig Appelbaum. “Once you’ve seen and tried FlexibleLove, you will never ever look at a chair in the same way.”

Preview the work via this video (in Chinese but you don’t need to speak any language to understand the demo):

Flexible Love from Nicholas Molnar on Vimeo.

About Pinzaan Company Limited

Pinzaan dedicates itself to bringing Taiwan’s design on to the world stage, in the hope of presenting the talent of the many Taiwanese designers who have wonderful designs and inventions. Pinzaan develops diversified business models for different designs based on their properties, and operates in such fields as the production, brand management, marketing and selling, as well as the intellectual property protection.

About Industry Gallery

Industry Gallery specializes in 21st century design.  The gallery regularly holds single artist exhibitions representing a broad spectrum of design trends by international artists who create functional art from industrial materials.  The gallery is open Thursday – Sunday, 11AM – 5PM, and by appointment.

<iframe src=”;byline=0&amp;portrait=0″ width=”400″ height=”302″ frameborder=”0″></iframe><p><a href=”″>Flexible Love</a> from <a href=”″>Nicholas Molnar</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>