Pyramid Atlantic | Big and Little Inks

By East City Art Editorial Team on October 16, 2023

Sat, October 14 2023 — Sun, November 26 2023

Detail of Ralph Robinson’s Emerging.

Pyramid’s gallery will be filled with extremes during BIG AND LITTLE INKS. Large-scale relief prints selected from past BIG INK events across the country will be paired with nearly 100 “little inks” curated from an open call for small relief prints The largest print will be 96″x40″ and the smallest 1″x2″. While the Big Inks are all woodblocks done on The Big Tuna, a giant mobile printmaking press, the Little Inks vary in relief medium and technique. Prices vary as well, with many little inks under $50.

BIG AND LITTLE INKS artists: Jennifer Axner, Elaina Barbour, Samantha Bares, Scip Barnhart, Curtis Bartone, Mike Bean, Elisabeth Boerwinkel, Sandi Bonn, Lauryn Boyd, David Brosch, Ann Butwell, Drew Carroll, Lyell Castonguay, Hannah Chosid, Danielle Coates, Ann Corbett, Jared Davis, Matt DeLeo, Sarah Dickson, Mark Eisendrath, Lauren Emeritz, Elvy Engdahl, Nicole Espy, Theresa Esterlund, Tyde Faber, Lisa Flynn, Jeff Fullam, Cait Giunta, Miki Nishida Goerdt, Jane Goldman, Dre Grigoropol, Teresa Hammann, Ryan Horvath, Tyla Inyamah, Andrea Izaguirre, Alexander Jeffrey, Rae Johnson, Erin Joo, Nina Jordan, Ryan Kalentkowski, Pamela Lawton, Michele LeTourneur, Shawn Lockhart, Suzanne Maggi, Madelaine Maior, Sarah Matthews, Taylor McAllister, Laura McClure, Matthew McLaughlin, James Modrick, Daniella Napolitano, Bianca Nisè, Madison Nolan, Paloma Nunez-Regueiro, Nicole Parker, Gloria Patton, Millie Whipplesmith Plank, Faith Polt, Elina Press, Mary Proenza, Amber Rhein, Elisabeth Rhyne, Ralph Robinson, Ned Roche, Ellen Rosenthal, Karissa Scaffidi, Susan Silva, Dan Sprinkle, Ira Tattelman, Amy Thompson, Stephanie Van Riet, William Wackwitz,Jr., Mark Wamaling, Gretchen Woodman, Nina Wishnok, Magdalena York, Rebecca York

PLUS Big Ink will be printing again at Pyramid working with selected artists to create new large-scale works. The public is invited to observe The Big Tuna press in action, RSVPs requested to ensure the artists have enough workspace around the press.

More about BIG INK and The Big Tuna
Like the fish, The Big Tuna mobile press is large and powerful. It can print a wood carving up to 40 by 96 inches. Most equipment its size weighs several tons, but this model is custom designed for travel. Since 2012, BIG INK has organized workshop demonstrations in partnership with museums, universities, art centers, and galleries nationwide.

Participating artists include Pamela Lawton, Sara Cottingham, Rebecca Perez, Gretchen Schermerhorn, Eli Woodbridge, Jared Davis, Holly Porter, Mygenet Harris, Sarah Harnish, Neil Chatterjee, Stacie Balkaran, Carolee Jakes, Jessica Jack, Steven Stichter, Kimberly King, Stacy Allen, Sarah Evans, Deborah Grayson, and Shante Bullock.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is located at 4318 Gallatin St., Hyattsville, MD.