October 2023 Exhibits at Studio Gallery

By Editorial Team on September 25, 2023

Sat, September 30 2023 — Sat, October 21 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 30 from 4-6pm
First Friday: Friday, October 6 from 6-8pm
“Meet the Artist” Reception: Saturday, October 12 from 4-6pm
Third Thursday: Thursday, October 19 from 5-6pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, October 21 from 3-5pm
NEPTUNE # EIGHT by Langley Spurlock and John Martin Tarrat

By Langley Spurlock and John Martin Tarrat
Curated by William Carroll

Neptune, where diamonds rain. Mercury, where a day is longer than a year. Ceres, the asteroid where water bubbles. Here comes the sun, and there goes our disappearing Moon. Eight planets, seven dwarfs, a clockwork comet and the orphan child of another sun . . . all in the theater of vanishing horizons.

Using aluminum and pigment prints, a touch of neon and LED, with a lot of help from NASA, artist and writer take a small tour of a very large neighborhood. To see what happened. And what happens next.

Untitled #5 by Kathryn Camicia

Uncertain Beauty
By Kathryn Camicia
Curated by Adah Rose Bitterbaum

What does art offer? Hope, new perspectives and experiences. We are still moving.

My Thoughts Floating Away by Sabiha Iqbal

A Moment of Vision
By Sabiha Iqbal
Curated by Adah Rose Bitterbaum

This body of work, ekphrastic in nature, draws its inspiration from the poetry of my mother Ada Jafarey 1924-2015 who was a distinguished poet of Pakistan, a feminist, and a bold innovator of new forms of Urdu verse. I used the early poems which focus on her personals struggles to free herself from the cultural bonds of society and to establish her identity in a male dominated world. My canvases capture her joyous vision and vivid images of the natural world while the works on paper focus on figures moving through space and gestures capturing the range of human emotions. As my mother matured, her work became more contemplative, and her poems focused on the tribulations of the marginalized and vulnerable people of the Pakistani society. My choice of color, line and brush stroke all convey a sense of movement and restless energy. This in turn expresses some of the rhythm and cadence of Ada’s poetry.

Perception by Lisa Battle

By Lisa Battle
Curated by Deborah Addison Coburn and Miriam Keeler

In this exhibition, I explore the liminal time when the world is in transition from day to night. Liminality is a region of blurred boundaries that always contains an element of fluidity. I am particularly conscious of this transition as we move into autumn, when night comes on faster each day, and the light wanes. A liminal space can feel uncomfortable and make us question our perception. The three-dimensional wall sculptures and pedestal pieces in this show reflect the idea of fluidity and transition. Atmospheric firing techniques such as pit firing and raku are used to create smoky, dark surfaces that evoke twilight.

Time to Say Goodbye
By Amy Davis
Curated by Deborah Addison Coburn and Miriam Keeler

Whether saying it to the vacation we don’t want to end, or to a person we know we’ll never see again, a goodbye can hold many different meanings. Sometimes we are happy to say them, sometimes we wish we didn’t have to. Time to Say Goodbye by Amy Davis explores the many ways that a goodbye can look and feel.

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