January 2019 Events at America’s Islamic Heritage Museum

By Editorial Team on January 21, 2019
Courtesy of America’s Islamic Heritage Museum.


January’s Featured Exhibits: “Photo Exhibit of Martin Luther King Jr; Muhammad Ali, and Forgotten Roots: Muslims in Early America”

Saturday, January, 26
11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Book Signing & Discussion with Children Author Habso Mohamud with Mu’mim Yasin and Ahmed Abdul-Malik Puppet Show.

Habso Mohamud was born in a refugee camp in Kenya.

While living in the camp, Mohamud traveled with her grandmother to traditional villages and places where nomads lived. Her grandmother wanted her and her siblings to see “the other side of the world.”

Because to Mohamud’s grandmother, they were lucky – they had shelter and knew where their next meal would come from.

“My grandmother would take us and show us you could have it worse. Be apprciative – at a very young age that’s what I learned,” Mohamud told the St. Cloud Times.

Mohamud lived in the refugee camp until she was 10. Now 24, Mohamud lives in St. CLoud. SHe attended St. CLoud schools and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at St. Cloud State University. She also works for the UNESCO Center of Peace and recently publiched a children’s book.

America’s Islamic Heritage Museum is located at 2315 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. SE.