January 2020 Exhibitions at Sandy Spring Museum

By Editorial Team on January 6, 2020

Sat, 11 January 2020 - Sun, 01 March 2020

Photo credit Wendy Daniels.
Reception: Sunday, January 12 from 1pm to 3pm

Art Dolls: Figurative Sculptures Tell a Story
On exhibit January 9 – March 1, 2020
Intricate characters come to life with Sandy Spring Museum’s latest exhibit Art Dolls: Figurative Sculptures Tell a Story. This exhibit features the work of students enrolled in doll making classes at Montgomery College taught by Wendelin Daniels. The students explore mixed media art and the human form through the design and creation of original art dolls. The dolls span a wide range of persona, from portrait dolls of historical figures to fantasy dolls, and everything in between. Adorned with their distinctive costumes, accessories, and props, art dolls convey their own individual personality and story. Unlike dolls that are manufactured as children’s toys, art dolls are unique, one-of-a-kind figurative sculptures.

This exhibit will illustrate some of the procedures used in making art dolls as a way to help take the mystery out of this particular art form. It is a process that requires many skills, like sculpting, painting, designing, wig making, costuming, and sewing. Students refine their original concepts through brainstorming and research, develop drawings of the character they have in mind, then delve into sculpting, painting, and assembling the doll. Costumes are created after the doll’s body is completed. Students often utilize “found objects” in implementing their design as they undergo creative problem solving and repurposing of existing materials.

BALTIMORE, MD – NOVEMBER 03: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) greets Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) following their game on November 3, 2019, at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, MD. (Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire)

Action and Reaction by Mark Goldman
On exhibit January 9 – March 1, 2020
History Happy Hour Wire Guys and Shooters: The Best of Sports Journalism – Friday, January 17, 6:30pm
Action and Reaction by Mark Goldman captures the most iconic moments in sports. This photographic exhibition showcases the intensity, athleticism, and success behind the action of D.C. area professional and collegiate level sports teams, while also revealing the competitiveness, heart, and emotion behind each player’s reaction. An accomplished photographer, Mark utilizes his skills to reveal the in-depth knowledge of sports it takes to photograph picture-perfect moments in such a fast paced, competitive environment. By staying one step ahead of the in-game action, Mark carefully selects proper placement, studies each sport, and watches the important interactions between players and coaches, all to get the perfect shot. This exhibit draws parallels and displays the equal level of importance between action and reaction to convey the complete story of the game.

About the Artist
Mark Goldman has been a photo journalist specializing in sports for more than 25 years. He is currently a freelance photographer doing contract work for UPI, European Pressphoto Agency, and ICON Sportswire. His work has been published in a wide variety of publications including The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time Magazine, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated.

History Happy Hour Wire Guys and Shooters: The Best of Sports Journalism
Mark Goldman (a shooter) and writer Steve Ginsburg (a wire guy) will regale attendees with anecdotes about covering the world of sports, from the pressures of being a “wire guy” – the journalists who write the stories that get fed to thousands of newspapers and broadcasters through the world – to the challenge of “shooters” – those who take the jaw-dropping images during the most crucial moments of a big game.

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