January 2020 Exhibitions at Touchstone Gallery

By Editorial Team on January 6, 2020

Sat, 11 January 2020 - Sat, 01 February 2020

Red Hippo, Lime Green Jelly Bean by Anna Katalkina. Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.


Opening Reception: Saturday, January 11 from 2pm to 4pm


Closing Reception: Saturday, February 1 from 2pm to 4pm

Touchstone Gallery Member Show

Contemporary Still Life: Candy and Mementos by Anna Katalkina
Most people collect souvenirs, small objects of sentimental value. These tchotchkes are at once subjectively valuable and objectively value-less. They are candy for the mind and the eye, coveted and acquired to remember specific people, places, and moments. Anna Katalkina looks for such objects high and low everywhere she goes: in friends’ homes, shop windows, museums, flea markets. Then she paints them, paired with candy, as if the characters on stage relating their stories. Intimately sized at 6″x6″ and painted in the multilayered technique reminiscent of the Dutch Old Masters, the paintings themselves become mementos – for both the artist and the collectors. The series explores contrasts: humor vs. seriousness, light vs. dark, worthy vs. unworthy, and the ideas of memories, contentment, permanence, volatility, conformity, and individuality.

Anna is using a classical painting approach, called “the indirect method.” It involves a monochromatic underpainting, subsequently covered with layers of glazing (transparent colors that modify the layers below). The layers mix optically and create a translucent effect not easily achieved by using opaque paint. Building up the glazing helps create luminosity and depth. This method of painting takes time and patience, as each layer needs to dry before the next one is applied. The 17th century Dutch Masters used extensively these techniques. Besides loving the aesthetics of this style, Anna feels that the ritual of the painting process itself reflects her wish to slow down amidst the societal racing and to pay tribute to craftsmanship rare in our factory-ruled world.

Anna Katalkina was born and grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since 1992, she has lived in London, Birmingham, AL, Washington D.C., and spent much time in France. She trained in painting and drawing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Corcoran College at Art and Design, and in the studio of a Maroger painter Robert H. White (1921-2008, the original apprentice to Jacques Maroger). Anna also holds a BA in French Language and Culture and a MALS in Cultural Diplomacy. She is a member of Touchstone Gallery in Washington, DC, regularly exhibits in the D.C. and Annapolis area, and has shown her work in juried shows in Paris and New York State. To learn more about Anna’s work, please visit www.annakatalkina.com.

JIB JAB 2 by Joan Bixler. Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.

It’s Something About Color by Joan Bixler
It’s Something About Color by Joan Bixler is a variety of vibrant and invigorating paintings, reflecting the artist’s love of color, exploring the interactions between light, shadows and shapes. You can say that the driving force behind Joan’s art is color and love of it. Her artworks full of exploration on how various colors interact with each other and come together as one piece of art. Joan Bixler’s artistic approach is assertive, fresh and exuberant. Joan prefers to work on a larger scale, often using bold brushstrokes or shapes in bright hues — using color and forms to create the effects of texture and depth.

Being familiar and having an expertise in faux specialty painting and the graphic arts, her work is known
to leverage various methods and textures for emphasis. You can often find gold leaf, iridescent paint and
Venetian plaster used in her work.

Joan is a native Washingtonian and grew up in Northern Virginia and currently resides in McLean near Tysons Corner. She has three grown children and three grandchildren. Her decorative painting company, Bixler Studios LLC, specializes in faux and specialty painting finishes including Venetian plaster, faux marble and wood graining, has been serving commercial clients in Maryland, Virginia and DC area for the past 35 years.

Joan Bixler received her BFA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from American University. Please visit her
website to find out more about her work and creative process www.joanbixlerart.com.

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