Culture House | Anthony Le and Ashley Jaye Williams Twin Snakes in the Ameri-Cognitive Dissonance

By Editorial Team on February 26, 2024

Sat, February 24 2024 — Sat, April 20 2024

Anthony Le, Tales of Milk and Honey, 2022, Acrylic on canvas with grommets, 37 x 28 in; 94 x 71 cm

Twin Snakes in the Ameri-Cognitive Dissonance is a duo exhibition at Culture House, featuring work by Ashley Jaye Williams and Anthony Le. They are married twin snakes and collaborate as the Model Mutiny Art Collective in sculpture, painting, murals, performance art and fashion.

Ashley Jaye Williams presents works that expands upon identities that have been flattened by society for capitalistic convenience. Anthony Le presents works about nonconformity to unethical power structures.

This show is about the duality of what America stands for. It’s an influx of corporate investment into Pride Month while an historic number of anti-trans laws are being codified. It’s being the world’s largest economy from the military industrial complex while actively degrading the quality of life for the most vulnerable people. The cognitive dissonance is the attempt to control women’s bodies despite the majority of people opposing this harassment.

Both artists speak to the reality of having incompatible identities and forcing them to try to coexist creates an uncanny valley of liminal space. These paintings and sculptures are an attempt to unpack modern society’s many Frankensteins — with their giant cacophonous vision boards for the modern hellscape.

Culture House
700 Delaware Avenue SW