July 2019 Exhibitions at Touchstone Gallery

By Editorial Team on July 9, 2019

Fri, 12 July 2019 - Sat, 27 July 2019

Boats at Dock by Linda Bankerd. Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.
Opening Reception: Friday, July 12 from 6pm to 8:30pm

Touchstone Gallery presents Lines, an all-member exhibition showcasing line. Line is perhaps the most basic and the most versatile of the visual elements. It can be used to create shape, pattern, form, structure, space, rhythm and more – often with an economy that is almost magical. More than just a visual element, however, line can be an artist’s most expressive tool – its weight, movement and quality the most direct manifestation possible of the artist’s intention or response to his or her subject. The ways in which line can be used for artistic effect are numerous and diverse: from the meticulously built-up lines used beautifully by artists such as Durer and Van Gogh to the rapid, minimalist approach of Ellsworth Kelly, who strove for swiftly executed, unlabored “freedom in the line.”

In this show, Touchstone’s fifty-plus artists show works that rely upon each artist’s distinctive use of line. We celebrate line with an array of works in several media – drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and photography.

Artists: Steve Alderton, David Alfuth, Linda Bankerd, Katherine Becker, Mirette Bedrous, Valerie Bernat, Joan Bixler, Leslie Blackmon, Jill Brantley, Richard Braswell, Dana Brotman, Michael Cabezas, Marcia Coppel, Susi Cora, Tory Cowles, Charlie Dale, Mari DeMaris, Ryan Feipel, Elaine Florimonte, Betsy Forster, Jeanne Garant, Judith Giuliani, Robin Harris, Timothy Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Anna Katalkina, Cookie Kerxton, Makda Kibour, Harvey Kupferberg, Michael Lang, Paula Lantz, Dee Levinson, Shelley Lowenstein, Rosemary Luckett, Heather Lynn, Pete McCutchen, McCain McMurray, Sonya Michel, Mary D. Ott, Pamela Reynolds, BD Richardson, Colleen Sabo, Amy Sabrin, Claudia Samper, Meg Schaap, Janathel Shaw, Jennifer Singleton, Maureen M. Squires, Peter Swift, Lisa Tureson, Rosa Vera, Gale Wallar, Steve Wanna, Patricia Williams, Jenny Wu

100 Days by Heather Paradise. Courtesy of Touchstone Gallery.

Common Threads is a 3rd annual exhibition created by New Community ArtSpace and will be on display at Touchtone Gallery for the month of July. This year’s theme is rugs. The rugs in this exhibit symbolize the roots of our values and how they begin to develop. “Rug like” works on display made of various medium and will be displayed along with stories that come from memory and/or imagination.

Participating Artists: Karen Baker, Maybelle Taylor Bennett, Araceli Chaira, Sallie V. Chatfield, Marlene Clark, Children from Amazing Life Games Cooperative Preschool, Rachel Dickerson, Heather Paradise, Makeda Rambert, John Shaw, Jo Strowder, Margaret Weusi.

Gallery Hours:

  • Wednesday – Friday: 11pm to 6pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 12pm to 5pm

Touchstone Gallery is located at 901 New York Ave. NW. For more information, visit www.touchstonegallery.com.