July 2022 Concurrent Exhibitions at Rhizome DC: Dave Greenfieldboyce, Sarah Hughes & Corey Thuro

By Editorial Team on June 27, 2022

Sat, 02 July 2022 - Sat, 30 July 2022

Work by Sarah Hughes. Courtesy of Rhizome DC.


Opening Reception: Saturday, July 2 at 7pm


Rhizome DC announces 3 new multi-media exhibitions: existential studies in color, line, sound, and logic. On view July 2 thru 30 * opening reception Friday July 2 at 7pm, including musical performances by the artists * open during all events, or email info@rhizomedc.org to make an appointment * RSVP for the opening at rhizomedc.org

New Works by Sarah Hughes
My name is Sarah Marie Hughes. I am a performing artist, and art maker living in Washington, DC. The enjoyment I find in my visual art is in the act of creating depth on a flat surface. I see the blank page as a playground for my subconscious mind. The work evolves and devolves its structure, attempting to define and categorize the matter of existence while being willing to negate its own logic entirely. Chaos is embedded in my process because it is an act without specific intention, but out of the chaos emerges Eyes’ order. Intention is born and becomes stronger as the piece charges towards its little death. Each piece is an entity conceived in ignorance, grown in a mixture of instinct and curiosity, matured in personal taste, and retired in contentment. Perhaps this is all my life is trying to do and be. I hope you enjoy examining these, my exercises in existing. https://smhart.onuniverse.com

About Sarah’s music: “in improvisation after beautifully constructed improvisation, Hughes prove[s] time and again that she is a civic treasure.” – The Washington Post

Work by Corey Thuro. Courtesy of Rhizome DC.

New Works by Corey Thuro
Corey Thuro is an improviser, musician, and artist living in Baltimore, MD. His work strives to get at and elicit the uncanny, ecstatic, humorous, and mysterious in life. He will be displaying new visual art in the form of prints, video projections, and visually triggered logic puzzles.

Rainmaker by Dave Greenfieldboyce
Rainmaker is an interactive sculptural work that creates a three-dimensional rainstorm soundscape with you as the conductor. Tune the effect to be the rain that you want or need at the moment, from a fine mist to a thunderous downpour to the gentle drips of a storm gone by.

Rhizome DC is located at 6950 Maple St. NW.