July 2022 Exhibitions at Studio Gallery: Christopher Corson, Pam Frederick + Veronica Szalus, Sally Kauffman and Kim Bursic

By Editorial Team on June 20, 2022

Wed, 22 June 2022 - Sat, 16 July 2022

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House of Cards by Chris Corson

Acceptance: the Good, the Bad, the Human
Christopher Corson
Chris Corson believes that each of us contains the full scope of the human condition — all of the good and the bad — layered beneath everyday awareness. These sculptures come from the artist delving into a wide range of these internal places, including difficult ones, to find understanding and acceptance. They are human stories, rooted in shared humanity, and told in clay with forms and surfaces chosen to embody the emotional spaces explored.

Dimensional Landscape (detail) by Veronica Szalus

Urban | Remix
Pam Frederick + Veronica Szalus
Veronica Szalus and Pam Frederick have once again come together to form a dialog around the urban environment. This time, their exhibiting work is centered around a fluid, continually shifting landscape encapsulated in architecture that is all encompassing of an ever-living pulse from everything and everyone who inhabits it.

Throughout the exhibit, the artists invite the viewer to consider the interconnectedness among urban development, social interaction and challenges, reconstruction and decay, as well as the metaphorical distance between memory and documentation of events and moments that occur within such environments. Pam Frederick’s photo collages show the vibrancy of city scenes, storefronts, and social justice themes. The two photo collages, “I can’t fucking breathe” and “Did We Forget? So Soon?” are the same photos taken of a wall in Fells Point one year apart. The first photo denounces the police brutality against George Floyd, the Black Community, and other people of color. The second photo, shows the same wall with its powerful images and vital messages, all but erased.

Frederick’s process combines photos and a build-up of papered and painted layers, resulting in edge-to-edge compositions. Her technique shows the layered complexity of the subject matter being presented, which extends beyond a surface level conversation and composition.

In Urban | Remix, Veronica Szalus dramatically deconstructs a technology from the past, the cassette, to initiate a conversation that is still relevant today, surrounding city life and social challenges. Szalus explores the interplay between cassette tapes, which create wall-to-wall, and ceiling-to-floor constructs and the environmental factors of light, movement, and time. Her work contemplates on how the transition of these factors, including technology and innovation, have evolved drastically. Yet it also shows how matters of humanity and injustice as portrayed in Frederick’s work, can evolve at a different pace, and how that can influence the society surrounding us today. The artists challenge each other to create an intentional setting, where their work encourages viewers to pay attention to what’s important through being an active participant in one’s environment and using communication as a powerful tool of expression. Frederick and Szalus’ work ricochets in a call and response to these issues, neighborhoods, moments, and people. The result is visually engaging, inspiring thought-provoking conversation, and allowing the viewer to consider the constant transformation and change that occur at the intersections of these social and environmental factors – here, in our own world.

Vanquished by Sally Kauffman

Avian Apocalypse
The paintings in the exhibition, Avian Apocalypse, are part of an ongoing series titled Jeopardy, in which Kauffman lends her voice to at-risk, endangered and extinct species. Scientists warn of an impending avian apocalypse: birds are under threat of extinction due to climate change. Rising global temperatures and loss of habitat is forcing them to move further north.

Elsewhere depicts vulnerable birds in the District of Columbia searching for habitat and climate conditions elsewhere. Collision Course focuses on the plight of local migratory birds colliding with buildings at nighttime. Our opportunity to change our behavior to sustain their longevity is rapidly disappearing. Already gone, Vanquished memorializes extinct American species.

#5 Bloom by Kim Bursic

Kim Bursic
Kimberley Bursic uses her symbolic language to reference nature, time, weather, blooming, and deterioration. Representing what she is internalizing and observing in her everyday life, Bursic brings color and form to the ineffable.

Working in a series, she expresses the mutations, changes, revelations and denials she is experiencing by bringing the past, present and future into the artwork all at once.

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