July Exhibitions at Glen Echo

By Editorial Team on July 12, 2017

Sat, 01 July 2017 - Sun, 30 July 2017

Photo courtesy of Glen Echo Park Partnership.
On view through July 30

Jeff Cooper & Rebecca Hirsh: Crossing Paths
Popcorn Gallery
The Glen Echo Park Partnership is pleased to present Jeff Cooper and Rebecca Hirsh: Crossing Paths. This exhibition pairs two-dimensional work by Rebecca Hirsh alongside three-dimensional sculptures by Jeff Cooper. Cooper admires the ever-changing properties of wood – always shrinking or expanding, darkening, lightening, or aging. Rather than carving from one piece of wood, Cooper assembles pieces of wood, combining the grains and figures. His sculptures attract the eye and invite the viewer to examine the details. Originally a painter, Rebecca Hirsh explores the medium of wood for this exhibition. Using what she can salvage from Cooper’s studio, Hirsh constructs her collages by painting the pieces of wood and arranging them. She is inspired by color, shapes, and lines, and how they occupy space. Hirsh’s wood collages and Cooper’s wood sculptures reflect the influence each artist has on the other, truly crossing paths.

Amanda Spaid: Natural Wonders
Stone Tower Gallery
The Glen Echo Park Partnership is pleased to present Amanda Spaid: Natural Wonders, which features Spaid’s intricate drawings on wood. Using the wood grain to inform her artistic decisions, she highlights animals that can be found around the world – from the Baltimore Oriole, to the Blue Crab, to the European Bee-Eater and the Lilac-Breasted Roller. A Maryland native, Spaid attended the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College in Silver Spring (formerly the Maryland College of Art and Design), and later the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Illustration. Spaid specializes in colored pencils and other dry media on wood panel as well as digital painting/illustration.

Federico A. Ruiz: Land, Sea & Sky: A Minimalist’s Caribbean
Park View Gallery
The Glen Echo Park Partnership is pleased to present Federico A. Ruiz: Land, Sea & Sky: A Minimalist’s Caribbean. Federico A. Ruiz, a D.C. first responder, gives a fresh perspective on the Caribbean landscape. As a descendant of Dominican immigrants, Ruiz is inspired by the Dominican Republic coast that was near his family’s estate. This body of work hints at his impression of the convergence of land, sea and sky. Relying on color, little to no texture, and geometric shapes, Ruiz is able to convey distinct horizons and nature’s essence. These minimalist paintings find the visual abstract elements of the Dominican Republic’s Caribbean landscape.

Glen Echo Park is located at 7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo, MD. For more information, visit glenechopark.org/calendar.