June 2019 Exhibitions Artists & Makers Studios 1 and 2

By Editorial Team on June 4, 2019

Fri, 07 June 2019 - Wed, 26 June 2019

Work by Barbara Januszkiewicz. Courtesy of Artists & Makers Studios 1 and 2.
Opening: Friday, June 7 from 6pm to 9pm

Artists & Makers Studios on Parklawn Drive and Wilkins Avenue in Rockville are hosting five gorgeous exhibits at both studio centers for the month of June. Five exhibits will open for First Friday festivities between 6pm and 9pm on June 7th and will showcase artists open studios for browsing, along with additional studio group exhibits.

“Sins of My Fathers” with Steven Durow
“Alternative Worlds: The Figure in Time” 
with Bill Lawrence
“Asymmetric Harmony” with Barbara Januszkiewicz

* Panel Discussion with Mark Jenkins, who writes for The Washington Post, and Barbara Januszkiewicz on The Importance of Arts Coverage in the Media on June 15th,  1pm at Parklawn

“Psychedelic Environs”
 with Kelly Posey
“From Pondering to Paper” with Carol Carey

Visit A&M1 and tour the three main gallery exhibits for the month of June, and open studios on Parklawn Drive in Rockville with Theremin Music with Arthur Harrison, and Solo Acoustic Guitar with David Ziegele. Additionally, A&M2 is proud to present two gallery exhibits along with more resident artists’ work in the open studios, exhibits by Gallery 209 and The Montgomery County Camera Club will present “The Emergence of Artistry” – photographs from two of the camera club’s newest members, Bruce Bowers and Randy Mills, all just 9/10’s of a mile from the flagship location on Parklawn.

These exhibits at both locations open Friday, June 7th, and continue through Wednesday, June 26th, 2019.  Viewing hours are 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Tuesday-Saturday, and Sundays/Mondays by chance or appointment.

Exhibit Details for All Five Galleries

“Sins of My Fathers” – Steven Durow
Steven’s work is deeply influenced by growing up in a physically and sexually abusive home. After being abandoned by his biological father he was “raised” by a step-father who was a physically and verbally abusive sexual predator, a welfare mother who was incapable or unwilling to hold a steady job, and by his grandparents where he found a safe haven on their simple midwestern farm.

It has taken Steven the intervening 20 years to find a clear voice for these issues in his work. He embraces glass because he finds it a valuable metaphor for human agency, imagination, and will. He is also drawn to the fact that glass is at once visually light but physically dense. The multifaceted and contradictory nature of glass forms the core of his artistic practice and the ways in which he uses it to talk about issues of abuse, neglect and self-acceptance.

In this body of work Steven wanted to acknowledge the major opposing forces of his childhood: the abusive home life and the saving grace of his grandparents which, at a deeply fundamental level, made him the person, teacher, father and husband he is today.

“Alternative Worlds: The Figure in Time” – Bill Lawrence
Bill Lawrence looks at the human form through the lens of photographic processes over time, incorporating historic and modern approaches together to provide a view of the figure from modern and vintage perspectives.  In Alternative Worlds: The Figure in Time, he uses “alternative” photographic approaches and historic inspirations to give a timeless feel to his figurative work of the female nude.  Lawrence uses mid-nineteenth century process of wet-plate collodion tintypes to provide a unique look at the figure, from a modern approach to 1920’s nudes inspired by Alfred Cheney Johnston’s photos of the Ziegfeld Follies dancers to the nudes inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and the late 19th century Victorian-era graveyard statuary.  Kallitype prints done in a “rustic” fashion complement a series of nudes in natural settings, adding a vintage feel to the project reminiscent of the Pictorialists of the turn of the 20th century.

“Asymmetric Harmony” – Barbara Januszkiewicz
Barbara’s work plays with her fascination with wavelengths — from the refracted light waves of a prism to the sound waves heard in a musical composition. Her goal is to explore the complex relationships of wavelengths in both color and sound and to visually interpret their vibrations.  The artwork is an outcome of experimenting with myriad colored waves in this manner.

Barbara employs large color fields that meld and overlap in translucent layers, evoking the rhythm and flow of her musical inspirations. Thus, her paintings strive to visually capture the sensation of sound though both intense color compositions and subdued color reverberations.

“Psychedelic Environs” – Kelly Posey
Kelly is a painter first, and a teacher second. She has taught art in the public school system for 20 years, while raising two children. During most of that time she was a Sunday painter. But in the past few years, as her children have grown up and become more independent, she has been able to paint on a more consistent basis which has now become routine. In the last two years, she has built up a body of work that she is proud of and ready to exhibit. Kelly is an abstractionist that dabbles in the representational. Deep meditation and reflection on past works that she did in encaustics 20 years ago has given her new insight on the creation of making paintings and the process of brush stroke and bright color fields.

In her recent work, she tries to address time and the progression of society today. From the smallest cells and other facets of nature to the stillness of a moment, which can become a place to examine life itself beyond the constructs of advancing civilization. Life is about internal forces and energy, as well as external forces.  Kelly offers up an ideal alternative reality that is enticing, ephemeral and yet eternal with eye-popping abstractions that takes the viewer on a journey. This work is speaking about energy in nature, and the subtle or strong forces working beyond the human realm. Some of the work deals with microorganisms and some deal with the idea of deep space. All speak about the dichotomy of those worlds in their complexities and/or simplicities.

“From Pondering to Paper” – Carol Carey
The paintings in this exhibit attempt to explore the complexity of the inner world and present it as art.  Unlike the linear requirements of verbal language, a painting can do many things at once.  These paintings offer juxtapositions and nuances that suggest how we sift life’s meaning on a deep level.  Their qualities may be described as soulful, quirky, colorful.  Originating in the wisdom of the unconscious mind, the works render a visible record of the struggle to interpret our multi-layered lives.

Viewing Hours:

  • Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sundays/Mondays by chance or appointment

Artists & Makers Studios 1 is located at 11810 Parklawn Dr., Suite 210, Rockville, MD.
Artists & Makers Studios 2 is located at 12276 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD.