June 2021 Exhibitions at Touchstone Gallery

By Editorial Team on June 14, 2021

Wed, 09 June 2021 - Fri, 09 July 2021

Night Dinner, 2020 by Claudia Samper Acrylic, charcoal, ink, and graphite on canvas, 36x24x1.5 in.
On View: June 9 – July 9, 2021 at https://www.touchstonegallery.com.

URBAN SYMPHONY by Claudia Samper
“Confinement over the past year has turned my artistic search on its head, away from figurative work into abstracts. The need for freedom, to be unchained from confinement, is one we all have similarly felt during the pandemic. I found my freedom through my work, picking up the acrylics, big brushes, and canvases to start my escape…

In Urban Symphony, I continued deepening my visual interest for our urban spaces and its interaction with nature. Buildings, streets, nests, and cocoons are deconstructed and reinterpreted as nesting spaces for humans and creatures alike.

Organic shapes and curved lines interact with geometric configurations, generating a dialog that mimics that of reality where habitable and collective spaces interplay with nature. An urban experience that is occasionally noisy and hectic gives rise to a colorful, at times playful, response. More neutral colors representing the flip side of this coin, a peaceful afternoon, a stroll in the park.

I’m looking forward for you to enjoy a taste of freedom and the opportunity to escape to another world between nature and our urban landscape. The interaction between artwork and viewer is, in the end, what gives meaning to this exhibit.”

Sleigh Bells and Hornets, 2017 by Peter Swift Acrylic on canvas, 60” x 60”.

“My work combines two distinct elements: classical realistic still-life painting and symmetrical design. I have coined the phrase “Symmetrical Realism” to describe this type of work. Most of my work features circles, because I believe that the human brain has a deep psychological connection to circles. The circle is a fundamental symbol in many of the world’s religions because it represents harmony, unity, tranquility, completion, and wholeness.”

They still temporarily function as an online gallery only, but plan to reopen as a physical space shortly.