Justice Arts Coalition Presents Inside & Out: Photorealists to Minimalists

By Editorial Team on May 10, 2021
Courtesy of Justice Arts Coalition.
Currently on view through June 20, 2021.

Amid growing calls for a transformation of our country’s justice system, the role of artists, particularly those directly impacted by the system, in envisioning and creating new practices of justice and community is becoming increasingly apparent. The Justice Arts Coalition (JAC)—the nation’s only organization bringing together systems-involved artists, teaching artists and arts program administrators, arts advocates, and allies—has long been committed to this visionary, transformative work. JAC is currently hosting Inside & Out, its first virtual gallery exhibit, featuring the work of 30 artists, almost half of whom are currently or formerly incarcerated.

With over 70 works, ranging from photorealist to minimalist, the exhibit reflects the broad range of styles, media, and subject matter that inspire systems-impacted and allied artists: photos by Michelle Repiso capture the radical and creative repurposing of everyday material by incarcerated artists using their creative practice to look beyond the boundaries of unfreedom, while Gary Harrell’s pointillist paintings vividly and hauntingly render the unreality of the “American Dream.”

With so many art shows canceled in the past year, JAC is excited to be able to continue providing a platform for artists in and around the carceral system. Through the exhibit’s website, audiences can access the work and share responses in a guestbook. Audiences can also use the 3D virtual gallery feature to get a sense of the size and presence of a piece.  The exhibit is accompanied by events inviting audiences to connect with, learn about, and support the work of systems-impacted artists through musical performances, “slow art” experiences, panels, and creative workshops.

At a time of global crisis, the artists have generously donated some or all of the profits from the sale of their original work to support JAC’s work harnessing the transformative power of the arts to reimagine justice.

See Inside & Out at www.inside-out-jac.com through June 20.