Nepenthe Gallery | Native Peoples of the Chesapeake Bay

By Editorial Team on February 26, 2024

Thu, February 29 2024 — Sat, March 2 2024

Blue Chesapeake, Glass mosaic on board 30×60 diptych by Staci Katsias. Photo credit: Nepenthe Gallery
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 29, from 6-7:30pm

David Brashear, Director of the Muscarelle Museum (William and Mary) and Staci Katsias, Adjunct Faculty Member at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio team up to share expertise and perspective on famous Native American artists CARA ROMERO and KAY WALKINGSTICK as well as the Native Peoples of the Chesapeake Bay

Two Nepenthe Gallery artists and friends, David and Staci, will bring decades of knowledge and experiences to our gallery for the finale of the gallery’s Native American Culture and Experience exhibit. David will describe the illustrious careers of CARA ROMERO and KAY WALKINGSTICK—two Native American artists whom he knows and whose artworks are included in the Muscarelle Museum Collection; and Staci will share her stunning mosaic pieces created for an exhibit at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio titled Say Their Name which honored the names of the Native Peoples and Tribes of the Chesapeake Bay region.

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