Racquel Keller An Invented Narrative at New Deal Cafe

By Editorial Team on March 20, 2023

Mon, 06 March 2023 - Sun, 30 April 2023

Self-Reflection. The image is a mixed media collage that has the figure of a woman looking at herself in the mirror. The person is dressed in pink while her reflection is dressed in blue. There is silver leaf as the mirror and there are layers of ornate patterns in the background. The work has been embellished with paint, thread, and ribbon. Photo Credit: Racquel Keller
Reception: Sunday, April 2 from 2pm to 4pm

Artist: Racquel Keller

Explore the art of storytelling through the visual language of mixed media collage and assemblage art. Maryland-based artist Racquel Keller often begins work with the deconstruction of historical paintings which are then reconstructed to reframe the narrative to create a fresh perspective. Racquel’s work sits at the intersection of reality and dreams, creating depth and distance which underscores the sense of duality in the juxtaposition of the familiar and the strange. She is interested in creating enough space to allow the viewer to experience something that is immediately familiar but also evokes the slight ambiguity that occurs when we question the veracity of memory. Among the works on view in this exhibit are some of the pieces representing the body of work made at a recent artist residency at Chateau Orquevaux in Orquevaux, France.

New Deal Cafe is located at 113 Centerway Greenbelt, MD.